Samurai Bun

It seems the longer my hair gets, the more floppy and sloppy my hair buns are … and not in a good way. My favorite buns were definitely BSL ones. Hair is long enough for the bun to be full, yet short enough where it was no needed to do a bunch of pinning and winding around, just so the bun stays in place.

I have been pretty fed up with the low and mid buns flopping around, so I thought I would do a top-knot, or samurai bun. Having to pull hair on the top of the head takes a bit of “length” out of the bun, making it stay a bit firmer and not need as much pinning.

Here’s how I did it:

1. Flip hair over and smooth hair downwards as you are leaning over.

2. Making sure the back of the head part of the hair is smooth, gather all hair at the crown of your head.

3. Wound ponytail holder around hair as much as needed for it to be firm. Pin stray pieces of hair, if desired.

Here’s how mine turned out … I definitely love it since it protects my hair from harsh cotton and wool clothing and accessories needed in the fall and winter.

HINT: You can moisturize and seal before doing placing hair in the bun. I M&S at night, so my hair is ready to be styled in the morning!