Southern Tease Bun

Yesterday morning I decided to do a Southern Tease bun. I used to rock them hard last summer, but really haven’t since then!! As you may know, my Wash Day of last was quite trying with the end result being me blow drying my hair to prevent pre-relaxer matting.

I M&Sed with my Amla Legends 1001 Oils Night Wrap cream and kukui nut oil, then put the upper half of my hair into a clip and bunned the bottom half, securing loose pieces with bobby pins.

I got 2 compliments at work, with the ladies asking how I did it because of the way my hair was wrapped! Of course it’s one of those styles that just fell into place and I couldn’t replicate it if I tried!!!

I had a co-worker capture a shot!


Wash Day

This past Sunday was Wash Day. It was pretty good! I did a pre-poo of Queen Helene Placenta oil (it was on sale for $2 at Sally’s), cheapie conditioner and honey (for its humectant properties). I think it was a good blend of protein and moisture (most cheapie conditioners have protein in the them).

I washed as normal and did my Alterna 10 steam treatment. I wanted to airdry, as rolling my hair can get tedious, but I decided to roll it anyway. For some reason, I was very antsy this past Sunday and did not want to sit under the dryer for an hour and 15 minutes. I watched an episode of “Locked Up Abroad”  on my iPad (I love that show!), but still that wasn’t enough to distract me from the boredom.

I was a bit worried that my curls would come out frizzy (see the first or second blog post when I did not let my hair completely dry), but they ended up turning out very nice. I threw some Vitamin E oil on it and let it go.

I have been wearing my hair in protective styles 100% the past week, and plan to do so this week. I have come to love the Southern tease bun, which essentially one half of your hair is pinned back and the remaining hanging part is tucked up into a bun. It is easy, it is cute.

Since I am protective styling 100%, I think that I may start braiding my hair after conditioning and letting it  air dry. I may try that in a few weeks, as this week I am getting my hair flat ironed this weekend.