Clairol Professional Colorgloss

Happy Independence Day, everyone!

I wanted to do a quick post on my Wash Day last Saturday. I did do the Clairol Radiance Colorgloss on my hair to help patch up those porous ends. I am convinced that doing these rinses has been a big part of why my ends are not breaking as much!

So here’s what I did:

– Prepooed with coconut oil and safflower oil for 1 hour.

– Washed hair with my normal shampoos.

– Applied Clairol Radiance Colorgloss (I chose the Clear one) to my hair from root to tip. To make the colorgloss, you have to use 2 0z of Clariol Radiance Developer (sold separately) for each 20z bottle of the colorgloss. I started off with one bottle and 2 oz of developer and that was plenty for my hair length. I let this process for about 15 minutes without heat per the instructions.

– Rinsed out, applied Alterna Conditioner to deep condition for an hour.

– Applied Roux Porosity Control and final rinsed.

Immediately after rinsing the Colorgloss from my hair, my hair felt stronger and thicker. I was a bit scared because I thought my hair was going to break! However, that was not the case and my hair stayed firmly on my head! I plan on doing this every 3 months, about 4 weeks after my relaxer, as this stuff is washed away in about 12-15 shampoos.

It was sooooooooooo hot last weekend that I could not bear to sit under the dryer for over an hour with some rollers in my hair, so I opted to sit under the dryer with my hair down to give it that air-dried look. Also, I have been doing some heavy workouts as of late (e.g. stair-running, Insanity – the struggle to lose 5 lbs is real!), so I am sweating a lot. I don’t want to invest a bunch of time into a style that will last me 1 day. Also, it is so important to remove salty sweat from your hair, so I plan on co-washing mid-week to refresh my hair. I will be real careful to monitor my ends while I am air-drying, as they seem to break more easily. I plan on bunning most of the summer anyway, just like I did last year. Here’s to MBL in September!

The developer and 2 oz bottles of clear Colorgloss

photo 1

The mix of developer and color before being put on my hair

photo 2


I’m Back and Hair Updates!

Greetings! It’s been a while so I thought I would do a quick update about what’s been going on with my hair …

– I plan on doing a color rinse this weekend (like I did in March). I think that the semi-permanent no-lift color has been great for protecting my porous ends, so I think it’s time for a refresher. I will be doing it myself, as I don’t want to have my hair flat ironed or pay an extra $20 to have it rolled. I will be using the Clairol Moisture-Rich Colorgloss system. I am not sure if I will just do clear or do some shade of brown. I will get an opinion when I go to Sally’s.

– I am scraggly-end MBL! Yep!! There are a few hairs that have touched that point! I think by next relaxer in 9 weeks, I will be ready to claim it.

– I am loving coconut oil pre-poos. My hair retained so much more moisture when I pre-pooed with it. This past weekend I did not pre-poo with it and my ends are so dry!!! Coconut oil is back in my life!!!!

– I am enjoying my new dryer!! It gets uber hot, though. I am always sweating by the time I finish.

– I am doing the L-O-C method and it seems to be doing fine.

– I bought two Hercules Sägemann combs after seeing a bunch of hair in my comb a few weeks ago. I have been meaning to buy seamless combs for a long while, but two weeks ago really lit a fire under my behind! Here are the combs that I ordered: the HS6450 Tail Comb for roller setting and my absolute love, the Magic Star Jumbo Rake.


The Magic Star Jumbo Rake is everything my hair has been missing! I normally do not comb my hair every day to reduce the risk of losing hair, but this comb glides through my hair and causes me no anxieties whatsoever. Even the Tail comb was amazing! Here is the amount of hair I lost roller setting my hair last week:


– I have been bunning a lot, as I am trying to do high-intensity workouts 4-5x a week. I may have to start incorporating mid-week co-washes and air-drying sessions … that’s to be determined!

Ta-ta for now!!