Southern Tease Bun

Yesterday morning I decided to do a Southern Tease bun. I used to rock them hard last summer, but really haven’t since then!! As you may know, my Wash Day of last was quite trying with the end result being me blow drying my hair to prevent pre-relaxer matting.

I M&Sed with my Amla Legends 1001 Oils Night Wrap cream and kukui nut oil, then put the upper half of my hair into a clip and bunned the bottom half, securing loose pieces with bobby pins.

I got 2 compliments at work, with the ladies asking how I did it because of the way my hair was wrapped! Of course it’s one of those styles that just fell into place and I couldn’t replicate it if I tried!!!

I had a co-worker capture a shot!


My Perfect Bun

I wanted to share this bun that I did when I was in Bend a few weeks ago! It reminded me of the bun featured in the Science of Black Hair, which was a ponytail with the hair wound around it. It was so full and this past summer, I wondered when my hair would do that … Well I guess the answer is now!!