Product Review: Silk Elements Kera Minerals Smoothing Deep Conditioner

I got this as my free gift for renewing my Sally’s Beauty Club Card membership. They didn’t have it at my Sally’s in Oregon, so I waited until I went to NC so that I could try this product! I … Continue reading

Wash day!

Well today is the big day … My first roller set. I am waiting for my dryer to be delivered and since it seems I am dead last in queue for UPS delivery, I will spend this glorious MLK day prepping it.

First thing this morning, I put in some Alterna Overnight Repair and sealed it in with Dr. Miracle’s follicle repair. My oils from Vitacost have not arrived, so that oil, which has jojoba oil among others, will have to do for now. I have tied my hair up with a scarf, leaving portions of it out and rolled up with a clip.


Woo-hoo! Dryer just came! I thought that I was going to wait until 6pm, which is the time that UPS delivers to me.

I immediately began my hot oil treatment. Since my oils have not come in from Vitacost, I used an oldie-but-goodie, 24k oil that I bought from my hair salon back in Durham. This oil contains everything I was going to include, anyway (e.g. Vitamin E, jojoba, coconut, grapeseed, etc.) I also used the Dr. Miracle follicle oil and for the last one, I headed in to my kitchen and got some extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

I sprayed my hair with some water and ran each of the oils through my hair, concentrating on the ends and scalp. I didn’t heat them up … I figured the dryer would do that soon enough. I placed all my hair on the top of my head, clipped it, placed a baggy on it and sat down for 30 minutes.



I washed with my normal shampoos, then applied Apoghee 2 step protein treatment to my hair. Part 1 is the protein. It stinks. I have had these done many a time, but you never get over that smell. Oh well … It works!

I have to sit under the dryer until it gets hard, rinse it out, then afterwards I have to do a deep conditioner. I will use the conditioner included, Alterna Caviar and Redken All-Soft and sit under the dryer for about 40 minutes.


Done deep conditioning and roller setting. Ugh! The roller setting was my least favorite. I finally got the hang of it, but it took me about 40 minutes with most pieces needed to be rolled over and over again. Now I remember why I prefer the blow dryer and flat iron!! I will probably be under here for an hour. Then I will have to saran wrap my hair and let it set. I predict this whole ordeal will take me about 4 hours.


Took rollers out, still a tad damp in the back, but dry everywhere else. Took them out, wrapped hair in saran wrap, then sat down for another 15 to set it.

I am concerned about how it will turn out! Other people’s roller sets turn out so pretty. I hope mine does!

Whew, all this work has left me hungry. It really felt like I was at the salon, but I was doing the work and I still have the money in my pocket!

Prepping for the journey …

I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply to pick up a few things to begin my journey. I spent a bit more than anticipated, but hey! I got a free bag!!! I am sending it to my godchild because I have a million and one tote bags and do not need another!!

I got some red, gray and purple rollers and placed them in a beverage bucket! I also got some banana clips, pins, bottles and other knickknacks. I also got some Roux porosity control (will explain what this later).  I also got Apoghee products (protein and keratin treatments).

My lovely cousin works for Vitacost and was able to get me the hookup on a bevy of oils that I plan on using as pre-shampoo hot oil treatments (a.k.a. preepoos). Some of the oils are jojoba, lavender, eucalyptus, sweet almond and grapeseed. I can also use them to seal the ends of my hair.

My hooded dryer is en route and should be here tomorrow, so I will be able to do my first roller set!