Dry Ends Update!

Greetings guys! I wanted to do a quick post concerning my ends. As you all know, I have been battling dry, breaking and porous ends since the beginning of my hair journey 16 months ago. It has been a constant struggle!! I deep conditioned, used Roux Porosity Control, prayed, etc., but nothing seemed to offer me a long-term solution. However, as of late (since early April), I have not had very many breaking ends at all! Of course there are a few here and there, but now it is nothing for me to M&S my hair and not see a single one. It really has made for some happy times in my life! 🙂

I sat back and tried to deduce what I am doing differently. I could only think that things have improved because of the Redken Shades EQ I had put on at the end of March. Glazes such as that one are great for protecting the cuticle and assisting with porous ends, according to the Science of Black Hair. I am thinking of adding these glazes to my regimen about every 8-10 weeks now!

Of course, I will not pay to have this done, but rather I will just go to Sally’s and see what they have. I am thinking about trying the Clairol Professional in clear or the brown color closest to mine.

For those of you are experiencing dry ends with nothing helping you out, this may be a great solution! I am not sure when I will do this (maybe 2 weeks post relaxer), but I will definitely keep you guys posted!

Trying to be 95% breakage free!!!