Like Hay in the Middle of the Barn

Today I was M&Sing my hair and noticed that the ends of my hair looked so dry! Instantly, I thought about this old song from Crucial Conflict a la 1995-96 called “Hay.” In the chorus, they say “smoking on hay ┬áin the middle of the barn … ” That’s what my ends felt like … some hay in the middle of a barn!!!!!!

I was very tempted to grab my scissors and get to cutting, but I had to remind myself of a few things:

1) I blow-dried my hair and did not “smooth” it by flat ironing it

2) There was not very much breakage from the ends. My hair breaks at the first hint of dryness, so for ends not to be popping off left and right, they must not be that bad; all-in-all, I may have had 7 small broken ends today (I had 0 yesterday), so I am not too concerned!

To combat further dryness, I M&Sed in 6 sections using the L-O-C method with my Alterna White Truffle Elixir as my liquid, kukui nut oil as my oil and Amla Legends 1001 Oils Night Wrap Cream as my cream. I twisted the cream onto my ends and instead of leaving my hair in a bun for the night, I wound up each of my six sessions and pinned them close to my head, hoping the heat from my head would help the product penetrate my hair a bit better and let me wake it to soft hair!

Here’s how it looked when I was finished pinning my hair up!

photo 1

As far as shedding goes, it hasn’t been too bad since Saturday. Yesterday evening I lost very little hairs and this is what I lost today. I checked each of them for bulbs to make sure my hair isn’t breaking heading into a relaxer. After I inspected each hair, there was 3 strands without a bulb, which could be breakage or the fact that I sometimes yank at my hemline trying to remove shed hairs and sometimes those strands break. Either way, the number was not so great that I was alarmed in any way.

Here’s the hair I lost today, which is not at all excessive, even in my [tightly-wound] book!

photo 2


I will continue to monitor the ends of my hair and shedding volume until my relaxer on Saturday! Whoop whoop! 5 more days!!!

A much needed dusting and porous ends!

I was M&Sing my hair today when I noticed my ends were dry and coming off in my hand. This was in addition to a bunch of shedding (I think a black tea rinse is in order this weekend!). I am wondering if the summer weather has anything to do with it?!?!? Anyhoo … I felt it necessary to dust my ends. I have been protective styling like mad for the last few months, but unfortunately, past heat use and time warranted their removal.

Man I love dusting! I took very little length off but the difference was amazing!!! My hair looks so much better!

I have been testing my hair porosity since February. When I take harvested shed hair, my hair is low to medium porosity. After my dusting, I decided to take some ends that I found on the ground and test them. They sunk immediately. Its back to Roux Porosity Control conditioner for me! I will incorporate it back it to regimen starting with tomorrow’s co-wash and protein treatment.