Wash Day and potential change in them!

Greetings everyone before yoga class!

I wanted to do a quick Wash Day post, which I haven’t done in a while! Honestly, if you read one Wash Day post from me, you have read them all, but I did something a bit different today, so I thought I would share!

I joined the gym in our town that has a steam room, so for my pre-poo, I slathered some cheapie conditioner (I think Vidal Sassoon’s moisture line) and sat in the steam room for about 10 minutes! Honey, sitting in a steam room that is 110 degrees for 10 minutes is about equivalent to sitting under a dryer for 5 hours! I have been debating getting a steamer, but have put it off because of my potential move and storage space. Now, I don’t have to! Majority of my hair is low porosity, meaning that I need heat and steam to open up my cuticles and force the product in. If I don’t, then product just sits on it, never really absorbing it. I have been doing homemade steam treatments since the beginning of my journey and it is nice to be able to reap the advantages of full on steam treatments! Even my skin feels and looks better!

I came home, rinsed it out and washed with my GVP Tea Tree shampoo and Alterna Caviar Volume. I deep conditioned with my Silk Elements Kera Minerals for 30 minutes with heat and 90 without (I fell asleep!) I rinsed with cool, did my Roux for 2 minutes, then final rinsed with cold water. My leave-ins were: Alterna Photo Age Defense, Alterna Caviar Texture, Pureology Colour Fanatic and Carol’s Daughter Monoi Serum. I did the faux air drying method and sat under the dryer for 20 minutes.

We were going out to dinner last night, so I wanted to wear my hair in a high bun. I remembered that I had a donut that I tried to use about 18 months ago and my hair would not cover it, so I just threw it under the sink, waiting for the day that my hair was long enough to cover it. I found the donut, used it as directed and pinned my hair around it, creating a neat, high bun. I thought it was quite nice and polished! I would have had Nathan take pictures, but I didn’t want him to see me while I was getting dressed, so I took some selfies in the mirror!

So the change in Wash Day is … I think I may start doing them at the gym! Yes! Weird huh, but I think using the steam room for my pre-poo treatments and deep conditioners will be a great idea! It will also cut down on the time it takes me to do Wash Days. No more sitting under the dryer for 4o minutes to an hour to ensure my hair has absorbed the conditioning treatment, as 10-15 minutes in the steam room for the pre-poo and deep conditioner will definitely do it. My first gym Wash Day will be next week, so stay tuned for that one!

Ok, here are some pictures. The first set is my hair after I left the steam room! My hair swells, then dries to form these little waves. The second set is my high bun with the donut.

photo 1photo 3photo 2

photo 4photo 5photo_2[1]

Until next time! 🙂

P.S. Just in case you were wondering what I wore, I wore my French Connection Stripe Dress – Kiren 3/4 sleeve with some burgundy Jessica Simpson leather booties and some black stockings! Not to toot my own horn, but when I wore this dress back in NC, it was a headturner, for sure! This skinny girl does it noooooooo justice! One of my guy friends (who is as gym-crazy as me) told me that me in this dress inspired one of our other girl friends to get back in shape! I do what I can! 😉






An Abbreviated Wash Day

Greetings! i just wanted to do a Wash Day post.

From Sunday
Today, I have just been lazy. I pre-pooed while cleaning up and watching TV. I just didn’t feel motivated to get started at 9am today! With that being said, I am doing an air-dry today! I don’t have any major plans this weekend (sans working out!), so I figured I would just air dry and bun.

This is the next to last Wash Day until my relaxer next Friday, so I decided to go heavy on the moisture today (keep in mind that my last Wash Day before my relaxers are reserved for clarifying and protein!). I started off with a pre-poo of my manuka honey and conditioner. The manuka honey is wayyyyyyyyyyy thicker than the regular honey that I use (see photo below), so I thinned it out with a bit of hot water before adding conditioner. I think I added a bit too much conditioner because the consistency was very runny, so I thickened the mixture up with a little of my regular honey. I also heated up my oils so that I could do a hot oil treatment on my scalp. I left that mixture on for about 2 hours while I cooked breakfast, cleaned up and watched TV.

I then washed with the Amla Legends Body Filler Hair Wash (ALBFHW), followed by the Alterna Cavair Moisture. As I look back over my Wash Days, I always seem to start off with a sulfate shampoo, despite me trying to be sulfate-free (a bandwagon move, I am sure). Due to some of the products I use having silicone, I just like to make sure they are removed every week so that they aren’t coating my hair and causing it to dry out. Instead of focusing on being “sulfate-free,” I am just going to use sulfate shampoos that do not leave my hair stripped and ALBFHW is that shampoo. I think I will use it as my first shampoo each week, followed up by my Caviar Shampoos.

My shower leave-in conditioning session consisted of the Ion Extreme Moisture, V-05 Strawberries and Cream and Redken All-Soft. My Redken All-Soft is approaching 2 years old, as I bought the liter on sale when I first moved to Oregon. I think I will begin using that up in my pre-poos and shower conditioning sessions until it is all gone. I like this stuff, but it’s not all that. Also, I think the formula is different, as I have read recent reviews on the product and some people are hating it! I think I may try Abba as an alternate conditioner after the All-Soft is gone.

My deep conditioning session consisted of using Alterna Caviar conditioner with the MegaSilk. The two textures that I have going on need some TLC, so I thought a double-dose of moisture would be helpful! I sat under the dryer for about an hour. I followed it up with my Roux Porosity Control for a minute and a cold shot of water.

The leave-ins I used this time were: Alterna Photo Defense, Alterna Texture, ApHogee Green Tea Reconstructor (for a light dose of protein) and Roux 619. I tied a strip scarf around my head and did an oldie-but-goodie, turn the dryer on and let my hair dry that way! I finished with some 1001 Oils Night Wrap Cream and sealed with Billion Hair Oil. 🙂

Notes, Thoughts and Observations!

1. My hair is more prone to breakage if air-dried. I will monitor this during my M&S sessions. I plan on keeping hair in low or high bun or updo this week, anyhow.

2. It seemed my hair had gotten shorter while I was applying my deep conditioners after shampooing! It’s probably due to the shrinkage of my new growth … I was kind of worried that I had lost 2 inches of hair! :O

Manuka honey


The prepoo mix