Am I there yet? (and other ramblings) – Progress Pics!

Because I am a little Type A … I like to have my goals written out. I feel that I affirm and acknowledge them more … if that makes any damn sense (it does to me, so I guess that is all that matters, right?)

So as I previously mentioned … I am about .5 inches away from BSB. I think it is high time I evaluate my goals and see how far I am from the other milestones of hair growth land!

First of all, I must recount about how much hair I have grown AND retained this year. It is about 4 inches from January – August, which is amazing, since some people do not retain that in a year. At that rate, I retain .5 inches per month (counting the dustings and breaking ends), so yeah, BSL could definitely be in my immediate future.

From January – August, I have retained about 4 inches of growth (from about a 3 on my shirt to now past 7) … that is pretty wild if I must say so myself.

Here is my hair growth from the beginning of my hair journey in January to August. Sometimes it helps to compare and  see how far you have come!

January 2012                                               August 2012

Note to self: get a higher fitting bra. The bras I wear (and like) are darn near MBL. I need to pick out a bra that will more accurately gauge that length for me!

BSB – 1 inches

BSL – 1.5-2 inches away! (depending on bra!)

MBL – 3.5-4 inches away

WL – 7 inches

Replies are in bold and made on 12/23/12

So my short-term goal is to hit BSL by December/January. It would be great if I was able to grow from full shoulder length to BSL within a year’s time (my one year HHJ will be in January!) – This will not happen. It will end up being me going from full SL to BSB in a year. I think that BSL is going to happen in spring 2013. It took me from August to December to get a full inch to get to BSB!

My mid-term goal is to hit MBL by mid-May 2013. I think that is totally doable unless I am faced with a setback. It will take me about 8 months to grow and retain that amount of hair. Again, this is not going to happen unless I am given a miracle growth of hair! From today, I am about 3.5 inches away from MBL. That will take me about 8 months of growth and retention to get there. I am predicting this will happen in the Fall of 2013.

My long term goal is WL. That is probably 12-18 months away depending on my trimming schedule. I want to be WL by the time Nathan finishes law school in May 2014 … I think that will be a great milestone to look forward to … for the both of us!


Dry, Breaking Ends Update!

I wanted to share some good news … my hair ends are doing better! I have seen a dramatic reduction in the number of ends snapping off. They even look better and more moisturized!

I am stoked when I run my moisturizer through my hair and do not have a bunch of broken ends in my hands … there may be a few, but sometimes none! It really has been a ride trying to find out what works for my hair and how to retain my length!

To someone who may be facing this situation, here’s my advice:

1) Get a great water-based moisturizer and make sure it does not dry out your ends (as Hawaiian Silky did for me)

2) Experiment with what sealing oils works best for your hair (coconut oil did my hair no justice, just dried it out).

  • I have heard hemp oil is great for this, but at this time, I am buying no more oils.

3) Deep condition or steam every weekno exception!

4) M&S your hair in sections, so that each section gets adequate moisture. I do mine in 4s.

5) Use a great moisturizing conditioner

6) Co-wash sometimes! It really helps infuse and retain moisture!

7) Wear protective styles!

8) Dry your hair with a microfiber towel or t-shirt … never “ruffle” the hair, just pretend that you are milking it and squeezing out excess water

9) Reduce the amount of direct heat (blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons, pressing combs) used (duh … that’s why my ends were as crispy as KFC chicken in the first place)

10) Do a good dusting!

11) Use a silk or satin scarf and pillowcase (as you can never be too careful!)

12) Give it a good 2 or 3 months for ends to improve.

13) Find a good protein/moisture balance!