How I M&S My Hair for Maximum Moisture Retention

A few days ago I blogged about how my hair has been breaking less and less, which I am extremely happy about. I have been incorporating a new technique of how I apply my moisturizers to my hair that seems like its beneficial.

1. Section hair into 6 parts.

2. Take one section, apply moisturizer to your hand and apply moisturizer to bottom length, working all the way up to the top. Apply some more moisturizer and begin to twist hair in two strands, applying more moisturizer if necessary.

3. Apply oil to the bottom part of twist, the work up the hair.

4. Repeat until all sections are done.

I do this nightly and it feels like my hair gets more moisture, especially when I apply when twisting my hair!

Here is a photo … It’s just how the twist looks after I M & S!!