Where will I stop growing?

A few things prompted this post. First off, I was talking to my mom yesterday and she mentioned my Aunt Melanie (my dad’s sister) was at church Sunday and how beautiful her hair is. In case you don’t know, she is my hair idol!

Here is a picture of her from last May.  Yes, yes, its beautiful! I asked my other aunt (who is Melanie’s older sister) what her regimen is and she said that Melanie goes to the salon every other week and gets it flat ironed. I couldn’t imagine the dryer time on a roller set!


Secondly, I found this picture with my hair down after a roller set (excuse the ends looking so janky not being combed out into a perfect “U shape and my half bra being down to my waist!) I came home and measured to see how long it would take me to grow from WL to W’HIP (which is the area between your waist and hips), which is about 4 inches. I asked Nathan would he like it if I grew it down to W’HIP and he said: “No. That’s too long. Why would you want to take care of that much hair?” That got me thinking about just how long I want to grow my hair. I think my goal is about an inch below waist length. Anything more would be just to see if I could do it! 😉 Once I get to my goal, I plan on letting my other hairs catch up! I think full waist length is my goal, which is about 2 years away (my shortest layers are about APL).

Well, happy growing! My next length check will be after my relaxer in 2 weeks!

green line – MBL

pink line – WL

blue line – W’HIP


An Inch for Your Thoughts #15: Arrested [Hair] Development

For the past few days and nights, Nathan and I have been on an Arrested Development mission. He has never seen the series in its entirety, so before we embark on watching the all-new season 4 episodes, we made a deal that we would watch the old ones from Seasons 1-3. We have almost made it through Season 1! Mind you, I was an original Arrested Development fan since 2004. I remember that I would make sure my Sunday nights were free so that I could watch those Bluths and their tomfoolery! I remembered having such a crush on Will Arnett (Gob Bluth) and loving the antics of Lucille Bluth (portrayed by the lovely Jessica Walters) who held NO punches when it came to speaking her mind (I loved her classiness and snappy tongue)! I even paid homage to Lucille last week when I had a liquid lunch (nothing but alcohol) at The Cheesecake Factory (mmmm … their green apple martinis are the best!)

Today, I was thinking about my hair and antsy I get during the first weeks after a relaxer, because I don’t have any new growth! As someone on a HHJ, having new growth presents affirms the mission that we are on and it allows us to track progress. Well, at the moment, I feel some tingling and movement in the scalp, so I know my hair is growing (revisit this post when I first revealed I could feel my hair grow), but not seeing it kinda makes me sad! Sooooooooooo …. I thought I would use Lucille Bluth to depict how I feel during my relaxer cycles. Her faces represent my sentiments exactly!!!!

My Relaxer Cycle!


Finally: My Body is in Synergy!!!!!!!!

Since the beginning of my hair journey, I have worried about three things about myself: 1) hair; 2) skin and 3) weight. At no point and time since January have I felt that I had a handle on all three at one time. Until now.

For instance, in January at the beginning of my hair journey, I did not want to work out because I went home and immediately M&S my hair … the care of my hair became the most important at that point. My skin was still breaking out a little bit, but not as bad as what was to come.

Here comes February and March. Skin explodes due to the use of Retin A Micro. Those were some dark days, I tell you. I will never forget crying to Nathan weekly about these pimples. I definitely did not want to work out, but I still cared for my hair. I also avoided going to the gym at home because I did not want to be seen without my makeup. Sigh …

April was when I was wearing my hair down a bit too much. I had some work travel going on and did not want people to see the nasty pimples that were camping out on my jawline. Hair was not taken care of as much, but I did start to work out again.

May was just like April, but with the acne slowly but surely disappearing due to chemical peel results.

And June was when I started leaving the house without makeup again (but with tinted moisturizer), started my heat break and continued my work out regimen.

And now it’s July. My skin is clearer than it has been in almost a year (sans a few spots I am clearing up). My aesthetician from my first few chemical peels marveled at the change in my skin and its texture! Also, my hair is in pretty good health and yesterday, I got back into my size 4 red palazzo pants … and there is room to spare in them. I have not worn those pants comfortably in 3 years! I also weighed myself on Friday and I am down to 131! Woo-hoo! I have not been this confident, happy and in control in a long time!!!!!!!!!! It’s a great feeling and I hope that everyone gets to feel this at some point and time!

Me without makeup … just tinted moisturizer! 🙂

Me without makeup ... just some tinted moisturizer!