The Problem Area of my Hair

I previously mentioned in a post that I M&S my hair in quadrants. I  think that this method allows for me to assess the state of each section of my hair by checking for excess shedding and breakage and by ensuring that each strand gets optimal moisture. Well, for a while now, I have noticed that I have one part of my hair that is thinner, has the more breakage and is just all-around in worse shape that the other parts of my hair. That part is located in the back of my right side  (see my lovely drawing below).


This area is constantly the bane of my HHJ. Sometimes I cringe when having to M&S that area because I know it will yield bad results. The need to dust often stems from this area, since when I am experiencing excess breakage (what I define as more than 5 ends over a period of a few days), I know its time to dust. Also this section sheds the most during my excessive shedding phases, which is why this section feels significantly thinner compared to its neighbor on the left side. I definitely do not show preferential treatment for certain quadrants of my hair, so I am not sure why this is to be the case. I am literally stumped! I wonder if it was years of my hair being wrapped to the right (mind you, my hair has been wrapped like that overnight maybe 5-6 times over the past year).

Well, the only remedies that I can think of are to show this section a little more TLC when M&Sing and deep conditioning and see where this continued journey takes us. It’s not like the section doesn’t grow or even breaks to the point where there is a visible disparity in the length from my right side to my left side, but nevertheless, its noticeable to me and I would like it to stop!

Well, there’s my rant for today. Thanks for listening! 🙂

Update on 2/2/2013: Today I M&Sed the problem area of my hair by dividing it into two sections to see where the most breakage is coming from. I saw where the problem lies in the top part of the area, not the bottom, which affects length (which may explain why I do not see the disparity in length at my hemline despite that area being having more breakage than my left side). I will be continuing to monitor my hair by M&Sing like this for the near future.