Wash Day!!

Greetings. I can barely muster to include my normal exclamation point. This has been some week! I started this new workout routine called Focus T25 with Shaun T and I am sore from head to toe! I could barely get out of bed yesterday morning as well as today! I had a horrible headache yesterday, probably a reaction to my body feeling like it had tetanus … it was just all locked up and stiff! I wanted to wash my hair yesterday once Nathan and I returned from the mall, but I was just to achy and tired so I figured I would do it on Sunday.

Physical wise, my week has been pretty tough. Hair wise, it has been pretty good! I am living for the Carol’s Daughter Minoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum! I have noticed a significant decrease in broken hairs over this week. Most days, I had no breakage at all! I was able to wear my hair out on Monday and in a loose ponytail on Tuesday, but by Wednesday, it was bun time due to the workouts! I also used my Kenra Platinum Dry Shampoo one day to remove excess oil and sweat until I was able to wash again.

So here’s how Wash Day went this week:

Pre-Poo: Coconut oil, manuka honey, cheapie conditioner, hemp seed oil

Shampoo: Alterna Life Solutions Clarifying, GVP Tea Tree, Alterna Caviar Volume

In-Shower Conditioner: Redken All-Soft (I used the last of my liter that I have had for two years!!) and Ion Extreme Moisture Cream

Deep Conditioner: KeraPro Restorative Treatment for Dry to Very Dry Hair for 1 hour with heat, final rinse with Roux for 90 seconds

Leave-Ins: Alterna Caviar Photo Age Defense, Alterna Texture, Roux 619 Extreme Moisture, Carol’s Daughter Minoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum


I rolled majority of my hair using the black rollers. I took me about 40 minutes to roll. I am trying to cut my time under the dryer as much as possible! Also, I am playing around with a new recipe when I set my hair. Instead of using just water to wet my hair before each roll, I’m using water, a few drops of essential oil (choice doesn’t matter) and a few squeezes of vegetable glycerine, all mixed in my spray bottle! So far, it is good!!!



I was not fortunate this week to be dry in an hour and 15 minutes. It took me a little over 90 minutes under the dryer!! Ughhhhhhh!!!!! If there is one thing I do miss about having shorter hair, it is not having to sit under the dryer for so long. #longhairproblems

The thing about the black rollers is that they leave my curls a bit flacid, if you will. I don’t get the really cute spirally curls like I do when I set on purple and gray rollers. The hair has an almost flat-ironed look. I didn’t take any pictures today, but I promise I will next week! I combed my hair into a wrap, applied a few drops of Minoi Oil and sat under the dryer for about 10 minutes, then combed out for the final evaluation. I noticed that I have had a lot of shedding this Wash Day, which is alright, considering I lost barely any hair at all during the week. I may do a black tea rinse next week and see if that helps!

All-in-all, it was a good Wash Day (it was kinda long, though) and I was pleased with the results. I admired my hair a bit, then rolled it back up in a modified roller set to refresh the curls. The one thing I don’t like with the black rollers is that my curls are easily combed away due to the lack of curl, so I find it very helpful to re-roll my hair dry to get back that volume and bend at the ends.

Here’s the amount of hair that I lost …

photo 1 photo 2

I rarely post things about my personal life, as I am a pretty private individual (you won’t find me on too many social media sites), but I just thought I would share a few things that I am “living for” at the moment …

1. Eastbound and Down Season 4 returns to HBO TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

2. Boardwalk Empire

3. Carol’s Daughter Minoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum

4. Shaun T’s Focus T25 workout (despite it being extremely hard)

5. South Park is back!!!!

6. Big Bang Theory is back too!!!

7. I found my Alterna Caviar Texture Cream!!

Well, it’s about 7pm and I need to get ready for the workweek before Boardwalk Empire and Eastbound and Down comes on!!! Until next time, friends! 🙂

Ah, my main dude, Kenny “F’in” Powers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Winter is f’in coming!

Ah a combination of my two favorite shows on HBO (Game of Thrones (GoT) and Eastbound and Down). I would have included a reference to “Boardwalk Empire” in there, but I am stilled miffed at the ending of Season 2 where they knocked off Jimmy Darmody. I remember that murder scene kept me up that night, upset and anxious, like I had bills to pay with no money to pay them. Well, I am also still reeling from the death of Eddard Stark in GoT season 1, but now that the season’s approaching, I can’t stay mad too long!

GoT season 2 starts Sunday, April 1 and I am stoked! Nathan and I have revisited Season 1 after watching it in the fall by buying it on Blu Ray. I am also going to start reading the books (it will keep me occupied while under the hair dryer … eh!) I have been told by numerous people that reading the books will provide more depth and appreciation for the characters. I will post sometime when I start reading them.

It is funny that I even watch this show, as I am no fan of fantasmagorical things, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars or SyFi (that odd channel that shows H-list actors in these horrible movies), but from the first episode of GoT, I was hooked! Maybe it was the intriguing storylines, the incessant nudity, the charismatic and paternal charm of Eddard Stark or the hotness of Jason Momoa (Heaven help me, I love that man) that kept me begging for more!

As anyone who has ever loved an HBO show knows, its damn near a year before the next season starts and the anticipation for this show couldn’t be any higher. I predict there will be about 4 million people to watch this show (and that’s a good number, considering HBO is subscriber only!). The show garnered a fan following after the premier and over HBO On Demand, so I know all my brethren will be ready come Sunday night!

Hurry the heck up, Winter!!!