A much needed dusting and porous ends!

I was M&Sing my hair today when I noticed my ends were dry and coming off in my hand. This was in addition to a bunch of shedding (I think a black tea rinse is in order this weekend!). I am wondering if the summer weather has anything to do with it?!?!? Anyhoo … I felt it necessary to dust my ends. I have been protective styling like mad for the last few months, but unfortunately, past heat use and time warranted their removal.

Man I love dusting! I took very little length off but the difference was amazing!!! My hair looks so much better!

I have been testing my hair porosity since February. When I take harvested shed hair, my hair is low to medium porosity. After my dusting, I decided to take some ends that I found on the ground and test them. They sunk immediately. Its back to Roux Porosity Control conditioner for me! I will incorporate it back it to regimen starting with tomorrow’s co-wash and protein treatment.