Corrective Relaxer Results – Texlax fail.

Greetings! It has been a while since I have written a blogpost! I have been so busy … I had a conference in DC, then I traveled home to NC for about 6 days to visit with friends and family!

I got a corrective relaxer late Wednesday night to fix some of the underprocessed areas from my relaxer in March. My lovely friend Kim did it for me. I used the Mizani Butter Blends and I love it!! Here’s what we did:

1. Based hair with Vaseline

2. Put leave-in conditioner on my ends to protect them from relaxer run-off

3. Put in relaxer … left for about 10 – 15 minutes. It burned, but not too badly. I have a high pain tolerance.

4. Washed out with neutralizer … did this several times! Then washed with Alterna moisturizing shampoo.

5. Placed Alterna 10 on my hair for deep conditioning treatment. Covered with wet rag and conditioning cap. Left on for 10 minutes.

6. Applied leave-ins.

7. Blow dried hair.

8. Flat ironed hair.

9. Admired hair (mostly I did).

The end result was amazing! I thought I was fgrogran, swinging my hair, sans about 9 inches!! Hahahah! But nevertheless, I can tell it has grown! I will definitely be full APL by the end of the summer. Kim measured my hair and I have about 3 inches until BSB, which is about 5 – 6 months away.

My next relaxer will be in August. I am going back to the 12 week stretch schedule. The 16 week stretch was nice, but it wasn’t for me. I also do not like the texlax look. I like my hair straighter. Also, it was hard for me to tell where my new growth ended and my texlaxed hair began.

Here’s some of the pictures!! My goal for my next relaxer is to be near the 7 on my length check shirt!


Relaxer Prep!

It’s 10am on Saturday morning. I am doing my hair early today, as I leave for DC first thing in the morning. Today is also relaxer prep day, as I am getting my corrective relaxer late next week. I am nervous to see how that’s going to turn out!!

First I am starting off with a pre-poo of V-05, honey and EVOO. Instead of just letting it sit, I am under the dryer to speed up the process. I will be doing a clarifying poo, followed by a moisturizing poo (Alterna products, of course). Today will be my first hard protein treatment since beginning my journey almost four months ago!! I hate doing these because the Aphogee smells horrific, but I know its great for my hair and since I had a relaxer two months ago, I really need to use one since I am overlapping chemicals.

I will follow that up with a longer than normal deep conditioning treatment, then do my roller set.

I predict that it will take me about 4 hours. Wow. All that for my hair! You know it’s true love!!

Later –
It turned out quite nice, as you can see! However, there was a lot of shed hair, so I am not sure how effective the black tea rinse was overall.



Today I am 4 weeks post relaxer and from week 1 it looked as if I have not had one. The curl is somewhat relaxed, but it has more of a texlaxed look, which is cute, but my hair is a bit thick and I am not feeling it at this point. You can still see about 2 inches of wave, then this straight-ish hair. Also, it is hard to differentiate between new growth and the texlax hair, as my natural hair is wavy. All of these textures are not good and can cause hair to be prone to breakage, so I am just going to have a corrective relaxer put in.

The stylist used a calcium-based relaxer, which is essentially no-lye. I think that a lye relaxer would be a better fit for me, as it is stronger and will work more quickly to penetrate my low porosity hair. I used to be deathly afraid of lye relaxers (but not knowing what the stylist put on my hair), but now that I understand my hair, the benefits of lye and how it will help my hair … I am game for it.

Read about the lye vs. no lye debate here. HINT: Any relaxer that needs activator is no-lye.

I am going to use the Mizani Butter Bleads on my hair when I do it in May. My old stylist Jeanne used Mizani relaxers and I always had great results. I also will be looking for a new stylist. I am just not feeling the salon I went to. Both times I have been moderately pleased, but not WOWED like I was when I was with Jeanne. I remember living in Hawaii and relaxers costing me $120 a pop, but I got the royal treatment (deep conditioners, protein, etc., trim). I remember complaining about how expensive they were, but I would GLADLY pay it now, as my hair always looked good when I left there. And it was always so healthy looking!

I am going to start looking for a new stylist for my next relaxer in August. I think I will finally try Ulta in Beaverton or a JCPenney Salon, as they were referred to me from the Mizani website. The first time at the salon I went to in Portland, the guy was OK, but he used tools that I thought were a bit inferior to be using in an “upscale” salon. His blow dryer looked a bit worse than mine. The second time, the lady did a good job, but as much as she flexed her hair knowledge, she did not offer me a deep conditioner or anything after the relaxer and gave me just a wash and set. The next day, my hair felt so dry that I had to redo it. I was livid (see post “Guess where I am?“)

Also, I have decided to limit my relaxer stretches to 3 months. By that time, I will have 1.5-2 inches of new growth. It really is no need for me to stretch any longer.