Blue Tank Photos

As you may know, my favorite way to track my progress is my trusty blue tank! I have been taking these photos periodically since last June, when my hair was about 3.5 – 4 inches away from the strap. Now I am proud to show that my hair is now touching it!

For some reason, I didn’t think my hair had made too much progress since December (I have had to dust my hair about 3xs … but very minute amounts that probably doesn’t total an inch) until I had Nathan take a picture … but yep, there is progress!

June 2012                                                            July 2012

june_          20120908-123401.jpg

September 2012                                              October 2012

20120908-123422.jpg         20121007-102642.jpg

December 2012                                                 February 2013

photo 4          20130210-190234.jpg

Pic of Scraggly BSL and random hair pics from December

It is a very scraggly BSL … you can’t really tell in this picture, but there are about 2 strands hitting it! Anywho, here is my hair stretched today. It is just a tad bit longer than it was in January. The tip of my hair is getting dangerously close to BSL!

photo (3)

Here are some random hair shots from December’s flat ironing! My godchild had her natural hair blow dried and flat ironed today and it looked gorgeous! It really made me want to get mine done! I am a bit tired of the daily high bun, but there is a such thing as delayed gratification. I will just wait until I go home and try to maximize growth and retention these next two weeks! So to remind me what my hair looks like straight (which I must admit, is kinda boring after a few days), I dug back into the archives and found these pictures.

The right side was a bit tucked under … making it appear all gapped up and uneven!

photo 2 (6)

photo 1 (3)

I lied … Got my hair flat ironed! (and other state of affairs)

Well this weekend was Nathan’s birthday and I wanted to flat iron my hair. I have gotten to the point where if flat ironing my hair every 4-6 weeks causes me a little damage, then so be it. I enjoy switching my look up!

So to prepare my hair for the blow dry and flat iron session, I pre-pooed with Pantene Relaxed and Natural and vegetable glycerin for about an hour. I did a light clarifying session with the Alberto V-05 to remove any product buildup followed by my Alterna moisturizing shampoo. I mixed my Redken All Soft and Alterna Caviar conditioner and left it on my hair while in the shower. I then deep conditioned with my Alterna 10 hair masque for an hour.

I blew my hair dry on low and cool using as my leave ins Alterna Caviar Perfect Blow Out, Roux 619, Alterna Photo Defense and a new heat protectant, Chi 44 Iron Guard. After it was blew out, I put on my Alterna Elixir and more Chi 44 Iron Guard. Then it was ready to have the flat iron!

Sarah wasn’t available so I had to go to a salon close to home. The lady introduced me to a new Joico flat ironed called K-PAK ReconstrRx VaporIron. It actually repairs your hair as it passes by filling in holes using its special reconstructor vapor. I was in awe!!

The lady complimented my hair and said she can tell I take good care of it and that it was healthy. She flat ironed it kinda fast (not like the way I am used to, but whatever). It was more like grabbing pieces as she went instead of starting at the back and working her way up. The end result was ok, but I don’t think the iron was quite hot enough and for some reason, white people do not understand the concept of bumping the hair on the end … It’s always straight for some reason (despite me asking for it). Ah… I miss Sarah! I will make sure to book her in advance next time, but at least I got to hear about this flat iron!!! Hey, when life hands you lemons…

But all in all, I have great news to deliver on the state of my hair. I am oh-so-close to BSB! The red line in the picture is BSB and the green line is BSL. However, I am suffering from a horrible case of hairorexia. I see where my hair is growing, but it just doesn’t look all that long to me. I don’t think I will be “happy” until MBL!!

Also, I am soooooo happy that my ends appear to be in really good shape. I have a fear of see-through ends, which happens as hair naturally weathers at the ends, but mine seem to be doing ok. I am sure I could use a trim, but I will dust when I relax in November. I also like how the ends have broke off into a lovely rounded U shape! Hahhaha! I don’t know when (or if) I will do a blunt cut. I like the look of the U and V shapes, so I think I will keep that for now. It also allows for reaching milestones faster. If I cut up to my shortest layer, I would be SL. No thanks.

I am almost 9 months in my journey and doing alright. I think I will be BSL by my relaxer in February. I feel now I can be on autopilot and not rush to milestones and cut as much hair as needed, as I think the hardest part of the growing journey (unless I suffer a setback) is almost over. Man, that period from SL to APL to BSL … Ugh!!! It’s an 18+ month process!


January 2012


July 2012