Hair Announcements!

Greetings! This post is a bit overdue, but I have been busy doing non-hair things (sigh!!!)

So I have had several hair updates this past week:

1. I’M GETTING MY HAIR COLORED! – That’s the most exciting news of all! r. Lately, my hair just hasn’t been giving me life. It’s nice, but I feel that I am missing some long-lost pizzaz which only some color can bring! I used to be the queen of color back in college! It has been almost 5 years since I have had any type of color (semi-, permanent, demi-) in my hair because of the damage that was done when I wasn’t taking care of my hair.

I have been toying with the idea of coloring the top 1/3 of my hair. I have been too chicken to do it, but I researched some coloring techniques and decided to go with the Redken Shades EQ semi-permanent color. It won’t lift my hair, but it will add a touch of color and gloss to the area I choose to color. Since the area is already lightened in some areas, I think it will look good! I am going to do a honey brown and see how that works! I am getting it done tomorrow at Ulta along with a blow-out. This is a treat for all my hard work! Sarah will be doing it, so I am eager to see the end result!

2. I DID A TRIM! – Literally … I did the trim. It wasn’t due to breakage or anything, but Monday evening, I was M&Sing and said to myself: “Hmmm … I could lose the last 1/2 inch of these ends for my fresh blowout” so I went to the freezer where I keep my shears and did it. I cut the bottom layers even and now the V-shaped hair that I have been rocking for so long is now a U! I also wanted to trim the bottom layer evenly. This relaxer cycle I knew that I wanted to even things up a bit, so I figured now is as good a time as any. So now I am back to the area between BSB and BSL!

This photo makes it seem like the left side has see-through ends compared to the right. The reason for this is that the right side has more hair down that the left side, giving that illusion. (Ugh! I hate see-through ends!)


Photo after Nathan finger combed hair … so again the ends look a bit wonky.


3. I am deferring my relaxer until June 1st – Since I am going to go to NC in June, I thought that I would just have Kim do it when I was 14 weeks post. I am just not comfortable relaxing my hair 10 weeks post. I don’t think that I will have enough new growth to even justify it (mind you, I am used to stretching 12 weeks or more, even when I wasn’t on a HHJ). I will just go to Jeanne and get a roller set and deep conditioning while in Hawaii.

4. I have been wearing my hair out! – I wear my hair out an average of 2.5 days a week (hahha!) I am really at the point where I enjoy my hair and why not show off the fruits of my labor?

Blue Tank Photos

As you may know, my favorite way to track my progress is my trusty blue tank! I have been taking these photos periodically since last June, when my hair was about 3.5 – 4 inches away from the strap. Now I am proud to show that my hair is now touching it!

For some reason, I didn’t think my hair had made too much progress since December (I have had to dust my hair about 3xs … but very minute amounts that probably doesn’t total an inch) until I had Nathan take a picture … but yep, there is progress!

June 2012                                                            July 2012

june_          20120908-123401.jpg

September 2012                                              October 2012

20120908-123422.jpg         20121007-102642.jpg

December 2012                                                 February 2013

photo 4          20130210-190234.jpg

Pic of Scraggly BSL and random hair pics from December

It is a very scraggly BSL … you can’t really tell in this picture, but there are about 2 strands hitting it! Anywho, here is my hair stretched today. It is just a tad bit longer than it was in January. The tip of my hair is getting dangerously close to BSL!

photo (3)

Here are some random hair shots from December’s flat ironing! My godchild had her natural hair blow dried and flat ironed today and it looked gorgeous! It really made me want to get mine done! I am a bit tired of the daily high bun, but there is a such thing as delayed gratification. I will just wait until I go home and try to maximize growth and retention these next two weeks! So to remind me what my hair looks like straight (which I must admit, is kinda boring after a few days), I dug back into the archives and found these pictures.

The right side was a bit tucked under … making it appear all gapped up and uneven!

photo 2 (6)

photo 1 (3)

Wash Day and I am Scraggly End BSL!

Greetings folks! Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Today was my Wash Day. It was most uneventful! I pre-pooed with some hot oil to the scalp and some Alberto V-05 on the length, paying close attention to any breakage among the ends. There was very few ends, so I was extremely pleased. I also took the chance of smoothing my hair down with the conditioner to do a length check. My hair has been growing like mad the last few weeks, as my new growth measures almost 2 inches in the front (and closer to the normal growth rate in the back). I stretched my left back section down (as you know I touch my right side on when absolutely necessary or risk every piece of that section ending up in my hand!) and whatcha know … a few scraggly strands hit my bra strap line, although I am sure that the ends promptly broke off as soon as I stopped stretching it. LOL! I had my Mckayla Maroney I-am-not-impressed face! I know that I am not BSL, but I am sure once I relax, there will be about 10 hairs there. Now I know some people would claim that, but nawl … I am not going to do that!

I washed my hair with Alberto V-05 Strawberries and Cream shampoo as a light clarifying poo. I followed up with my Alterna Caviar shampoo and then put in my Alterna Rx Thermal Oil for 5 minutes. I then put in my Alterna conditioner in with my turban and let it steam in while I showered. I decided to deep condition with the Ion Extreme Moisture and EVOO instead of my MegaSilk just to see how my hair reacted. I sat under the dryer for 45 minutes reading the most hilarious website ever (I do not know how I stumbled across this website, but I am glad I did because it is the pure bizness! I did a final rinse with Roux.

Now that I am about 11 weeks post, my hair is not detangling as easy as I would like. I had to detangle in smaller sections just to keep my sanity! I used my Alterna Photo Defense (concentrating heavily on the ends), Roux 619 and Alterna Texture as my leave-ins. I sealed my hair with a combination of kukui nut oil and aloe vera juice to provide a good seal. Instead of sitting under the dryer, I sat in front of my beloved heater as I feel the results are better when I did so.

Well ta ta for now!

Here is my air dried hair and I took a picture of one perfectly formed curl! Shoooo … makes me think I am natural!!! LOL!


Happy 2013 (and a Wash Day)!!!

Ahh … so it’s finally 2013! I am looking forward to this year, as I think that it has great things in store for me, as I hope it does for all of my 10 readers! (HAHAHAHA!)

I decided to use this day off (ugh, can I get about 10 more of these?) to wash my hair, as it has been since its been about 10 days since it’s been washed! I started off with a pre-poo of a hot oil treatment on the scalp and cheapie conditioner, honey and veggie glycerine on the length of my hair. I left it on for about an hour and then washed. Since I had my hair flat ironed and used a silicone product, I did a light clarifying session with my Alberto V-05 Strawberries and Cream shampoo, followed by my Alterna Caviar moisture shampoo. I put on the Alterna Winter Rx Thermal Oil for about 3 minutes, rinsed, then followed up with Caviar conditioner.

I deep conditioned with my Silk Elements MegaSilk for about an hour. Instead of getting under the dryer, I sat on the couch with my turban and my phone, talking with a friend. I switched up my final rinse routine, as recommended by The Science of Black Hair. Instead of leaning over the tub where my hair is flipped up, I got back in the shower so that my hair stayed downward so that cuticles could close. I did my Roux for 2 minutes, then rinsed with cold water. I must say, it was annoying hopping back in the shower, but I guess I will have to do it!

Today I wanted big, fluffy hair, so I decided to air dry. I applied my normal leave-ins and went ahead a sealed the moisture in with Vitamin E oil. Now peep this … my hair, for the most part (sans the ends) are medium to low porosity so it takes forever to airdry. After about an hour of little results, I sat in front of our heater and let it blow on it. I was not worried, as I had thermal protectant on! In about 10 minutes, I was dry! I took out my blow dryer with the diffuser attachment, blow dried on cool to seal the cuticle. I followed with a bit of Alterna White Truffle Elixir and kukui nut oil and I was done!

The heater!

photo 1 (2)

So what will I do with this hair? I plan on bunning it, wearing it in a ponytail … whatever my heart’s content. After looking at my flat hair for the past week (I hate how flat ironing your hair leaves it like that!), I am just eager to see a bit of volume!

I love the end result! I did FaceTime with my friend’s family and her mom was like “I can see we both are having a bad hair day!” Ah, maddam, you are mistaken, for I am having a fabulous hair day! Some people have to hair all neat and tidy, pressed out with a curl on the end … not me! No sir! I am loving the volume, the density, the length!!!! Nathan liked it and said I looked like Serena Williams when she had her big hair going on (see below!)

I am debating on using this method until my next relaxer late February. I know I will rollerset when Nathan’s dad comes into town next week, but I may have to hang on to this for a while!!

photo 3 (2)                 photo 2 (5)


Here’s t0 continued growth and health this 2013!!!!!

Roller Set Hair (Now vs. January 2012)

Sigh. I really need to buy a camera. Even though I have a perfectly good camera on my iPhone 5, I need a tripod where I can take photos of myself without the horrible “man in the mirror” shot. I hate those … but oh well, what are you going to do?

I wanted to share my hair this morning. I realize I have not been taking a lot of pictures of my hair lately, which is the point of the blog, right?

I think I will straighten a piece of it this weekend and take a length check photo. I am about positive I am BSB (or just at it – I have been flirting with that line for months now!). It is funny about growth during my 3 month relaxer periods: the first month, I get hardly no new growth at all; the second month an inch will magically appear and then the third month it is almost unbearable. I have been tracking my growth measurements and my hair grows just slightly above .5 inches a month (maybe .55-.6 inches), but other than the first month on my journey, it never grows more than that. In a three month relaxer period, I do not have 2 inches of new growth (awww man!!)

Here is my roller set hair in January … as you can see, it just at my shoulders.


… and here it is now! Progress is definitely being made!!!


A quick progress check

Ugh. My week has gotten off to a crappy start. I get in the car this morning and my windshield wipers don’t work. That’s a huge problem in Oregon in December. I was able to get my car in the shop and I am praying it does not cost me an arm and a leg and a inch of hair. 🙂

I thought I would share a length check teaser. I roller sat my hair last night (more on this to come), so I had to stretch out a piece of hair so it wouldn’t be so curly. My longest length is inching towards that line on the blue tank!!!

The first picture of me is in June. I love going back and seeing the progress I have made!!



At this time, I am not planning on straightening my hair until my hair anniversary in early January, as I want to do a comparison shot from the beginning of my hair journey until then, but it seems that nothing in my life is going as planned so don’t be surprised if its straightened by tomorrow. 😦

I Knew This Day Would Come …

I knew the day would come when I had to do a trim. Not a dusting, but a trim. I am one who would get trims regularly, as the promised return of long hair was a lure too strong to ignore. However, since I started my hair journey, I have dusted as needed. Some times my ends needed it more than others, but I’m sure I have removed over 1.5 inches throughout the year.

Well lately my ends have not been breaking as much, but I find them easily getting tangled, looking dry and appearing a bit broomstick-ish (flared ends). I decided I needed to get them trimmed. So I went to get my hair flat ironed. Sarah commented that an inch needed to be removed, but of course I wasn’t letting anyone do it but me! And I knew by her saying an inch, I would remove half an inch. Getting it flat ironed was a painful process since the iron was 400° and the way she was flat ironing it I could hear ends snap off. I just wanted to hurry up and get out of that chair. I think I may be going back to the place I went last week … Or better yet, learn how to flat iron my own hair!!

Anywho, I came home and began the trim. I removed about half an inch in some places and some pieces were even an inch long! Hahhaha! Man, afterwards my hair looked soooooo much better. The comb didn’t get caught in it!!

Now I am about .75-1 inches from BSB and 2 inches from BSL. I am still on track to make my respective goals for each length in December and February.

Blue – BSB (.75-1 inch away)

Red – MBL (4 inches away)

Yellow – WL (7 inches away)