A breath of fresh air on roller setting ….

Greetings guys! Hope your week is going well! Friday is just around the corner! Hooray! I just finished watching “Healthy Textures’ Guide to Rollersetting” (available through¬†Amazon Instant Video¬†for $19.99). I remember reading about this lady, named Gennifer, in the prologue … Continue reading

Keep Calm and go to Clearance Rack

Today has been a great day for hair products! Nathan and I went to Best Buy for some Blu Rays and of course with me being so close to Ulta, I could not not go in. I am at the bottom of my Alterna White Truffle Elixir, so I needed to break down and buy some more from the store and not the watered-down mess I bought from Amazon (read about it here: https://hairthereeverywhere.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/is-this-an-orphan-blog-nah-i-am-back/).

I could not find the Alterna products as they had moved, but I did stumble upon the Alterna Winter RX Thermal Oil (http://www.folica.com/hair-care/hair-treatments/alterna-winter-rx-thermal-treatment-oil). They had this stuff last winter, so I am not sure if it is the product that did not sell, but it was priced at an unbelievable $4.99, so regardless of how old it was, I was buying it.

I found the new location of Alterna products and looked up and down the shelving for the White Truffle Elixir; it was nowhere to be found. I panicked a bit and thought:

Keep Calm

I knew Ulta liked to mark things down and since all of a sudden, the White Truffle Elixirs were gone (there are always plenty when I shop at any other time), there had to be a few on the clearance rack across the store. Sure enough, my wishes came true. There were 3 White Truffle Elixirs: one with its nozzle on correctly and the other two with either a missing nozzle or one slighty detached. At first I picked up 2. Then I remembered how I am still kicking myself for not buying the extra Alterna Life Scalp Therapy shampoo last year, so I scooped up all three of them. They were marked down to $13.99, 50% off their original price. I was stoked. Now I do not have to worry about buying any of this stuff for the next year or so, as each bottle lasts me about 4 months.

I did ask the cashier if Alterna was discontinuing this stuff and she said they may just be changing the bottle or packaging (as they have with the shampoo and conditioner recently). I hope so, because I love this product … but I have a year to figure an alternative out!

Nathan needed to run to Game Stop, which is right beside Sally’s. I promised myself I would not go in, but at the last-minute, I thought about trying KeraPro. I have seen people rave about it on blogs and it was all of $5 on sale (normally it’s like $11). They had one left. I asked the girl about it and she said that it flies off the shelf. Hmm … I guess white people are up on the KeraPro game, too, I thought.

And finally, my Alterna Photo Defense and Alterna Texture has come in from Amazon, so I am set for a while. I will buy some Alterna shampoo and conditioner in early 2013.

Well, I am off to do my hair today. It is Saturday and I want Sunday to rest and relax. Nathan is sleeping so it is a great time to do some hair!

Ta ta for now!