Uh, why have I been sleeping on Aloe Vera Juice?

I have had aloe vera juice (AVJ) in my fridge for a year. I used it in my Kimmaytube mix, but quickly abandoned using that mix. I kept a separate spray bottle of AVJ, but I would pour it out because this weird fungus like black stuff would appear in the bottle after a few months, so I would pour that out and put in some fresh AVJ, but I would never use it.

Until now.

I have been using AVJ almost nightly in my M&S routine. I moisturize in sections with my Alterna Caviar White Truffle Elixir and seal with a small amount of AVJ and kukui nut oil. I just use a squirt of AVJ to mix in with the oil. I have been noticing in the past week that the breakage of ends in right back quadrant has been drastically reduced. AVJ has great moisturizing properties as well as restoring pH back to hair. Overall, my hair has been holding onto moisture very well. I definitely will not be sleeping on AVJ again! It is now going to be a staple in my hair care routine!

Hooray for AVJ!

Tip: Do not apply pure AVJ to your hair (I have made this mistake … luckily with no consequences!!). It is best to dilute AVJ with another conditioner or oil, as it is extremely acidic and can eat your hair out!  I use just a squirt of AVJ in my sealing oil. I try to keep the ratio to no more than 10:2.