Wash Day: When keepin’ it real goes wrong …

Wow! I am overdue for a hair post! Here’s a quickie! Things have been so busy lately and I have just neglected my poor blog (which I am known to do from time to time!) I must confess that I drove 4.5 hours one way this weekend to the Lululemon outlet halfway between Seattle and Canada! It was totally worth it and I will do it again every three months!! When they heard that I started driving at 4:45am to get to the store at opening, they treated me like a queen! Anything I needed, they got me! A lovely lady even price matched a jacket for me … knocking $30 of the price just because I drove so far!

Enough of the Lululemon talk! Ok! So here is last week’s Wash Day at the gym. I pre-pooed with coconut oil, conditioner and safflower oil for 7 minutes in the steam room. For some reason, I just wasn’t feeling the 110 degrees last week! I washed as normal and conditioned in the shower. I deep conditioned with L’Oreal Total Repair 5 Damage Erase balm and sat in the steam room for 5 minutes. I will definitely sit longer next time and bring a turban. It was so hot in there, I thought my hair would disintegrate since I had it down! I detangled and headed home to apply my leave-ins.

When I got home, I rewetted my hair and applied my normal leave-ins and decided to let my hair really air dry instead of doing the faux air dry method.

Boy, did I  get some different results! My hair felt a lot thicker, but that is because my hair shrank up more from air drying that it does when I sit under the dryer! Also, my hair had about 10 different textures going on, as you can see in the close up! Some hair was shriveled up, while some hung loser. It made me look like I had a chewed up hairline! I immediately thought about the Dave Chappelle skit “When keepin’ it real goes wrong!”

HAHAHAH! Well, I wore it in a ponytail and bun this past week anyways, so it is all good! Here are a few of the photos that I captured!

photo 1photo 3 photo 4

I’m Going Low-Manipulation For A While …

Happy Friday before Christmas everyone!

I just wanted to share the results of my first week of faux air-dried hair and plans for going low-manipulation for a while! (Note: faux air dry is referring to when I sit under my dryer with the front of my hair tied with a scarf and the length is left hanging while it dries. It normally takes me about 20 minutes to be completely dry).

As you may have read, last week’s salon debacle was a complete #fail. The mishandling of my hair teamed with the lack of conditioning and horrible roller set made me rethink how I wanted to structure this relaxer stretch. I really feel that my hair suffered and wanted to use this stretch to rejuvenate it. Last Sunday, I had to do an abbreviated Wash Day that consisted of a pre-poo/tea rinse, deep conditioner and faux air drying session to give my hair some much-needed moisture after I noticed my hair was dry and tangling at the ends, which would have probably led to breakage throughout the week. I initially worried about how my ends would react to being faux air-dried. In the past, I have noticed an increase in breakage when my hair is styled this way, so I was extra vigilant about monitoring breakage while M&Sing this week.

I am pleased to announce that my hair did very well and I noticed no more breakage than if my hair was roller set (which is a few pieces during the week)! WOO-HOO! Maybe it is the Carol’s Daughter Monoi Serum, maybe it’s me using the protein leave-ins at each Wash Day … but whatever it is, I am loving it!

With that being said, I have decided to dedicate this relaxer stretch to faux air drying (except when we go on winter vacation in a few weeks and when I go home to NC in a month). I think the break from being roller set each week will be a welcomed occurrence for both me and my hair! I will also be doing more tea rinses to help combat shedding. This will allow my hair to thicken back up for the spring. My hair grows the fastest during the winter and spring, so I am trying to capitalize on every inch I can get! #waistlength2014

I will monitor my hair and if I see my hair is not responding well to being faux air dried, then I will start roller setting again to preserve length … but for now, let’s see how this goes! Hooray for reducing Wash Days by 3 hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My next Wash Day will be Sunday, where I plan on doing a tea rinse in addition to my normal pre-poo and deep conditioning sessions. 🙂


Wash Day!

Greetings! I washed my hair yesterday after doing an monsoon-like sweating session of Insanity (which I must admit, I really love!! It’s something about being blinded with sweat that makes my endorphins go wild!) Here’s how it went:

Pre-poo: coconut oil, safflower oil and honey for 30 minutes

I received a sample of the L’Oreal Total Repair 5 line in my Sunday paper this past weekend. It claims to improve the following 5 things with the use of ceramides: rebuild fibers, strength, vitality, silkiness and shine. Ever the curious girl, I decided to use the samples on this Wash Day because if I didn’t like how my hair felt afterwards, I know another Wash Day was on the horizon.

The samples


Wash: L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Shampoo

In Shower Conditioning Treatment: L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Restoring Conditioner

Deep Conditioning Treatment: L’Oreal Advanced Haircare Total Repair 5 Damage Erasing Balm. I deep conditioned for about an hour (30 minutes under the dryer).

Leave-Ins: Alterna Photo Defense, Alterna Texture, Roux 619 Moisture sealed with Kukui Nut oil

I sat under the dryer for about 20 minutes with my hair hanging down (the front was tired down with a scarf).

I must say, my hair felt pretty nice after the Wash Day. I was afraid that the L’Oreal products would make my hair stiff and hard, since a lot of “repair” products are protein-heavy and my hair just doesn’t like a lot of protein. Instead, my hair was soft, moisturized and I had no broken ends when I smoothed oil over the dried hair. I even ordered some more samples of these products, which you can do here. There are even offers for other hair maladies and needs, such as frizzy hair and color-treated hair.

Here’s my hair afterwards! I love how my hair dries with these little waves in them!

 airdryjuly airdryjulu 

I plan on washing again Saturday or Sunday … until then, friends!

Happy 2013 (and a Wash Day)!!!

Ahh … so it’s finally 2013! I am looking forward to this year, as I think that it has great things in store for me, as I hope it does for all of my 10 readers! (HAHAHAHA!)

I decided to use this day off (ugh, can I get about 10 more of these?) to wash my hair, as it has been since its been about 10 days since it’s been washed! I started off with a pre-poo of a hot oil treatment on the scalp and cheapie conditioner, honey and veggie glycerine on the length of my hair. I left it on for about an hour and then washed. Since I had my hair flat ironed and used a silicone product, I did a light clarifying session with my Alberto V-05 Strawberries and Cream shampoo, followed by my Alterna Caviar moisture shampoo. I put on the Alterna Winter Rx Thermal Oil for about 3 minutes, rinsed, then followed up with Caviar conditioner.

I deep conditioned with my Silk Elements MegaSilk for about an hour. Instead of getting under the dryer, I sat on the couch with my turban and my phone, talking with a friend. I switched up my final rinse routine, as recommended by The Science of Black Hair. Instead of leaning over the tub where my hair is flipped up, I got back in the shower so that my hair stayed downward so that cuticles could close. I did my Roux for 2 minutes, then rinsed with cold water. I must say, it was annoying hopping back in the shower, but I guess I will have to do it!

Today I wanted big, fluffy hair, so I decided to air dry. I applied my normal leave-ins and went ahead a sealed the moisture in with Vitamin E oil. Now peep this … my hair, for the most part (sans the ends) are medium to low porosity so it takes forever to airdry. After about an hour of little results, I sat in front of our heater and let it blow on it. I was not worried, as I had thermal protectant on! In about 10 minutes, I was dry! I took out my blow dryer with the diffuser attachment, blow dried on cool to seal the cuticle. I followed with a bit of Alterna White Truffle Elixir and kukui nut oil and I was done!

The heater!

photo 1 (2)

So what will I do with this hair? I plan on bunning it, wearing it in a ponytail … whatever my heart’s content. After looking at my flat hair for the past week (I hate how flat ironing your hair leaves it like that!), I am just eager to see a bit of volume!

I love the end result! I did FaceTime with my friend’s family and her mom was like “I can see we both are having a bad hair day!” Ah, maddam, you are mistaken, for I am having a fabulous hair day! Some people have to hair all neat and tidy, pressed out with a curl on the end … not me! No sir! I am loving the volume, the density, the length!!!! Nathan liked it and said I looked like Serena Williams when she had her big hair going on (see below!)

I am debating on using this method until my next relaxer late February. I know I will rollerset when Nathan’s dad comes into town next week, but I may have to hang on to this for a while!!

photo 3 (2)                 photo 2 (5)


Here’s t0 continued growth and health this 2013!!!!!