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August 5th, 2013 – OK, so here is how I feel about length checks, milestones, claiming lengths, etc.

After much research about when it is appropriate to claim a length, a prevailing consensus seems to be when the longest layer (not a few strands, but an entire layer or section) reaches the point. For example, I am currently grazing MBL, but due to my layers in the front, I could also be considered Full APL. Due to the vast differences in my layers, I am not going to be reporting on the full metric for the most part. With that being said, I want to provide a disclaimer on how I am doing length checks here on in … when the longest portions of my layers get to a milestone, I claim it. I don’t care if I am MBL in the back and APL on the side … for all intents and purposes, I will be MBL. My front section is literally about 18 – 24 months behind my longest layer! Again, these are the guidelines I am using (and pretty much have been using since Day 1 of my HHJ), but I just wanted to put it out there in case questions were to arise!


                        January 2012                                                     February 2012

20120523-175041.jpg        20120527-132712.jpg

                  March 2012                                                             May 2012


                                July 2012                                                      August 2012


              September 2012                                                           October 2012

photo 3                   20130225-203455.jpg

                        December 2012                                                         February 2013

photo 2 (8)              photo 2

                              April 2013                                                                July 2013

photo 4                                              photo 1

                          September 2013                                                            January 2014


photo 2


               March 2014

Length check shirt legend and goal dates

1 – Full shoulder length ✓ (reached September 2011)

4/5 – APL ✓ (goal May 2012) (reached March 2012)

7 – Mid-way between APL/BSL ✓(goal August 2012) (reached August 2012)

8 – BSB ✓(goal December 2012) (reached December 2012)

9/10 – BSL  (goal [revised] May 2013) (reached April 2013)

12 – MBL  ✓ (goal [revised] December 2013) (reached October 2013)

14 – WL (goal [revised] May 2014)

6 thoughts on “Progress Pictures

  1. Your hair looks beautiful…its inspiring..cause I’m hovring about 1/2 an inch over APL now. It looks about the same your where last I continue with the healthy hair practices..I should reach where u are now, this time next

    • Well thank you very much!!! I really appreciate it! Sometimes I look back at my old pictures and am amazed at the growth and retention as well! The most important thing was my hair staying thick around the hemline, which I have done with the help of dusting and protective styling! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

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