Oh hello there! It has been almost 2 years since I have written anything on this blog! I wanted to end this phase of my life on the right note and give my (three) fans closure on what in the world is going on with me!

-30- means “end of story.” It was also the title of the last episode of The Wire. 

Here goes!

2014 – Life is going ok that summer! I suffered a horrible breakout because I was using the Clarisonic on my face 2 times a day!!!! I had no idea what was going on!!!!!! That is ok … that has been long rectified! Hair was still growing, but I did not notice length retention as much because once I hit waist length, I just did not do progress pics! Nathan finished law school and failed the bar. Law school did a number on our relationship.

2015 – Oh what a year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At the end of January, Nathan and I break up. He makes plans to move back to Hawaii in early February. I meet a handsome older gent on Valentine’s Day and step into a relationship like no other. It was filled with highs and lows. He was well-to-do, so I had dinners out every night at great restaurants all over Portland. I had access to his home in the hills overlooking the city. We went on trips, but all was not well. Slowly but surely, I began to feel insecure and did not know why! The root of that insecurity was because I was in an emotionally abusive and neglectful relationship. I was never skinny enough, working out hard enough, etc. He never told me how he felt about me in any positive way. It was constant belittling, even though I lost 10 pounds (hooray!) and got stronger (my max squat was 180 lbs)! Another sad thing is that my beloved Yorkie, Landon, passed when we were on our way to Las Vegas for the Mayweather fight on May 1st. I was beyond devastated.

Well, that relationship ended in August and I met a guy (who I am still friends with!) that I had a great time with until The One came around in September …

I met The One on match.com. He messaged me my first or second day on the site. At first, I had him filtered out because he was too young for me (he was 34 at the time, my minimum was 37). I decided to answer him anyway. He seemed cute from his picture. He asked me to meet him on Labor Day afternoon for a drink. I agreed. It was the most boring date I had ever been on. He was fidgety, talked incessantly about things I did not  care about and barely asked me any questions. I kept looking at my phone. After 90 minutes, I said I had to go. He walked me outside and said “I’ll see you soon!” and I thought “No you won’t!” I immediately went to the store and got a pack of cigarettes and went to take my emotionally abusive ex-boyfriend food because he was sick. That is how bad it was.

Tuesday, he texts wanting to hang out and I put him off … Wednesday the same. Thursday I was in the mood to get dolled up and go out to eat on someone else’s dime (remember I was used to dinners out with the ex), so I text him and asked if he wanted to meet up. Of course he did. This date went sooooooooo much better and I found out that he was funny and witty … nothing like the dry accountant that showed up on Monday! We have been together ever since. Within two weeks, he asked me to marry him in my pantry! HAHAHAH!

I am in such a good space and am the happiest I have ever been with someone! Life is very, very good and I do feel blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

OK … this is a hair blog. So what’s the tea on the hair? My hair is doing alright! 2015 was a horrible year for it, though! I stopped taking birth control back in April because I was tired of the faux hormones and the side effects. I suffered from migraines and nausea almost like clockwork. While I felt better, my estrogen levels plummeted and my thick hair began a pseudo postpartum shed in June (right on cue!) Throughout the summer, my once lush ponytail got thinner and thinner! One the upside, also got thinner and  thinner. I lost about 12 lbs after coming of the pill. I had to sell my old lulu, as they were too big. I was able to wear their Speed shorts, because now I had legs and thighs that I was proud to show off! The shedding stabilized in August and I had a few “strings” left. I also noticed that it was getting very tangly and I would comb knots out of my hair while detangling. That was due to a horrible leave-in that I had to replace my beloved Alterna White Truffle Elixir! I still had length, but it was nothing like it was in early May and June. I swear it went from waist length to mid-back length without me even cutting it!

September rolls around and I am near the end of a relaxer stretch. Hair is fine, length is stabilizing and growing. I eventually stretched for 6 months once I finally ended it in October! On October 9th, 2015, a cloudy and rainy fall day, I had what I called D-Day for my hair. I was doing my relaxer prep. I clarified, did my ApHogee 2 step, deep conditioned … the norm. I skipped pre-pooing and just went to clarifying my hair. I had not washed my hair in 2 weeks and had been wearing it in a bun. OH. MY. GOD. My hair became so matted when it was time to detangle. I was afraid I was going to have to cut my hair!!! I was almost in tears! (I am cringing as I write this … with my relaxer prep pre-poo in full effect 😉 ) I had no choice but to detangle. I used tons of conditioner and eventually got my hair detangled 90 minutes later (The One was returning from NYC that night so I had nothing but time). I was even supposed to get a blow out but had to cancel! You should have seen how much hair was lost. I typically save my hair to track shedding, but could not even stomach to see it. I remember having just balls of hair sliding out. I didn’t know how I didn’t end up bald! I estimate I lost about 25% of my hair that day … no lie. And with that, my hair’s length was just gone. I think it may have been a sad BSL at it’s longest point. My troublesome right side looked like it was damn near ear length … LOL … nah, it was definitely between APL and BSL. I was sooooooooo sad, but had no choice but to start over. I pretty much cut out roller sets and heat for about 2 months and let my hair air dry and wore buns. I started to see some progress in December around Christmastime. My hair was thicker and stronger. I was also retaining a bit of length. I still noticed something that had been bothering me since I moved into my new apartment in June. I noticed that my hair always seemed dry and lackluster. The right side just laid there so lank, dead. It responded to heat, but within an hour or two, my whole head of hair just felt “swollen” and “puffy.” I had no idea what was going on. Something told me it may be the water quality. I assumed that since I lived in the Pacific Northwest, my water would be as good as it was at my old apartment. Boy, was I wrong! I believe the pipes were old and that this water was more chlorinated that my old apartment’s water. I was about to move in with The One anyway, so I ordered a handheld shower filter AND another filter that attached to the spout … to be doubly sure! SURE ENOUGH … it was the water quality. Once I began washing my hair with the filtered water, it became soft, retained moisture and the right side sprang to life again!

Today, my hair is on the rebound from the setback of the fall! I have all these little baby hairs growing up! I am still trimming to keep things even since my hair is not as thick due to the shedding! My hair is now at mid-back length again. It will probably be waist-length again by the early autumn. Even though I must the volume of my ponytails and such while on birth control, I notice that my hair does grow faster without it. That is one thing I have never had a problem with and that is growing hair! I have stopped trimming so much so that I can actually retain some length! Moreso than the length, I am excited to see my hair thicken back up as the new hairs mature and grow! My volume was on borrowed time with those pills, as they mimic pregnancy …

Speaking of pregnancy … that will probably be my next blog! After a lifetime of not wanting children, The One and I have decided after our marriage in the fall, if God blesses us, we will become parents! I have even started collecting diapers (hahahah!) We are heading to Australia in December … maybe we will be so fortunate to create there! HAHAHAHHA! I will link that blog once I begin it!

Thank you to those who took this journey with me starting in January 2012! I have been through so much since then … got to past waist length, lost it all, now growing it back! I loved the community of learning and cheering each other on! And while I still love my hair, there are only so many Wash Days I can write about … they are pretty much the same now! My life has taken a different direction and my priorities have shifted a little! The abundance of time I had to dedicate to writing with a partner in law school is no longer the case with a partner who works the same hours as me!

If you are interested in life updates, you call follow me on Instagram @ellenwindsor. I will also post a link here when I start the blog chronicling the next phase of my life journey!

Until next time, happy hair growth and many blessings!



Fitness Friday: The Importance of Rest!!!!

“Liz.” That is what I said when we were going around the room introducing ourselves. I quickly laughed and said “LaShanda” and kept it moving. This was last Monday. I was worn out and fatigued, but had gotten adequate sleep. I went to the gym later that day to do my lifting, but I could barely get through the workout. It was like I was in a fog, and I didn’t know why!

Then came last Tuesday. Our security guard asked me: “Are you alright? You look a bit tired.” My eyes were puffy and I moved quite slow. I replied that I was a bit tired, but I was alright. I was talking to my friend Tracie about these mystery symptoms and she said: “You could be overtraining.” WHAT? Is there such a thing? Too work out too much?

My interest was piqued. I went to the lovely Google and searched symptoms of overtraining. Sure enough, I had them a few. Some symptoms are fatigue, malaise, increased susceptibility to illness, depression, craving sweets (well, that’s all the time), elevated heart rate and bodyaches.

I talked to my chiropractor and personal trainer at my job’s wellness center and they both agreed: You need to take a week off! The personal trainer knows that I am doing Rachel Cosgrove’s plan and she said that heavy weight training requires time for your body to heal! She told me this “Once you overtrain, you’ll never do it again!”

The take home message to was this: you are essentially tearing those muscles up and if you don’t give them time to recover, your body will send out stress signals (e.g. cortisol), which can cause those symptoms of overtraining to appear! So starting last Tuesday, I took the week off. I did not do anything, I even banned yoga! I gave my body ample time to rest and recover and lo and behold! The fog slowly lifted! By Friday, I felt 1000x better!

So what this means for me going forward is that I have to set aside one FULL day for rest. That means no more “yoga-is-my-rest-day.” The yoga that I do can get intense, so I need time to recover from that as well! Also, I was told by several people that every 6-8 weeks, take one full week off for extended recovery.

Other than that, everything is going well in my fitness regimen! I lost a few pounds of fat (yahooo!!!) and can definitely see my muscle tone!

For your viewing pleasure, here is me doing yoga on the beach a few weeks ago!


Rollersetting Revisited!

Hi guys! It has been awhile, hasn’t it! Life has surely gotten busy around my house! Between work, work trips, and law school graduation preparation for Nathan, I just haven’t had the time (and honestly, the motivation) to blog!

But during my absence, I discovered that complacency has consequences! What do I mean? Well, here I go!

So for those who have’t followed me from my early days of my HHJ two years ago, I have had a relatively easy hair journey. I grew from shoulder length to the longest layers at my waist in about 26 months. I haven’t suffered a major setback. I retain length and my hair’s normal thickness quite easily. So needless to say, I just grew complacent about my hair journey and felt that no matter what I did, my hair would grow and be fine. WRONG!

I have been doing everything like normal: pre-pooing, deep conditioning and moisturizing and sealing. However, I have been letting my hair faux air dry because I am too lazy to roll and sit under a dryer (who is too lazy to sit?)  My hair has long let me know that it does not appreciate this method of being dried, as my hair is highly prone to tangling and breaking at the ends doing this. After weeks of having to cut tangles out of my hair and seeing my ends looking drier than hay in the middle of the barn, I decided that I have got to go back to rollersetting so that my hair is stretch out and that I can detangle and M&S on a daily basis.

Now let me tell you this, rollersetting at waist length is much different than rolling at BSL. There are parts of my hair that extend farther than my hand can reach, so I have to roll sideways just to get the ends on the roller. I am also using 3 inch and 2.5 inch rollers because my hair would take hours to dry with gray rollers or smaller.

I will take some pictures this weekend and post. Since I have posted last, I have applied my clear glaze and dusted about .75 inches off. Also, I switched birth control pills and experienced a heavy shedding episode about two weeks ago. I learned about the impact high androgenic birth controls can have on hair loss. I have since switched back to my faithful, estrogen-filled Tri-Sprintec (ugh!) I plan on adding tea rinses to my regimen for the next few weeks, hoping that helps curb any additional shedding.

That’s all the hair news I have for now! Hope everyone is well!

Fitness Friday: Worksite Wellness

Greetings guys (on Sunday!) I wanted to have this week’s fitness post focused on worksite wellness.

I work for the state government here in Oregon, specifically the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). OHA is comprised mostly of people with Master of Public Health (MPH) degrees, nutritionists, doctors, environmentalists, epidemiologists and so on. We work to improve health outcomes of Oregonians, including ourselves!

I am very fortunate to work with the OHA. There are tons of worksite wellness perks that come along with the job. As I previously mentioned, we have a gym on my floor where I can do weights, cardio or use the AV system for videos. Everyday, they offer group fitness classes such as yoga, strength training and bootcamp! There are also Nia and Tai Chi classes (I do not take those). Membership is $4 a month with classes costing $5 per.

photo 2photo 4

Our building is 11 floors and there are signs everywhere to encourage us to take the stairs. A few years ago, they placed handy signs on each level of the stairwell, telling us things like “Fight Fat. Frequent these flights!” They also put a call out for artists to paint the stairwells so that we would have something beautiful to look at as we take them!

The sign under floor 9 reads “In one minute, a 150 pound person burns approximately 10 calories walking up stairs and only 1.5 calories riding an elevator.”

flowerphoto 5stairs

We also have a cafe that serves healthy foods, for the most part (with fried foods as well! YUM! hahhah!) There are salad bars, hot soup, and healthy entrees. I bring my lunch most days, so I don’t eat there often.

Additional worksite wellness perks we have are:

  • Breastfeeding and pumping rooms – these are where mothers can go to have a quiet, clean place to nurse or pump. I don’t plan on ever needing these rooms, but they are nice to have. I also use them for my dressing room when the locker room is crowded.

photo 1

  • Sick room – Sometimes, you need to rest at work. We have a quiet, dark room with a cot and some pillows where one can take a nap and rest at the office. I have used this room a few times to catch a quick snooze!
  • Gym reimbursement – Up to $15 a month!
  • Flex time for wellness – I love my work schedule! I go in at 7am and leave at 3:30pm. Our schedule in between is pretty flexible. I take lunch at varying times, depending on my workout schedule. We have 45 minutes for lunch and can stay later or come in earlier if we want to take fitness classes. It is a great change from my first job when I had to be there at 8 and stay until 5 with a 1 hour lunch at 12! No thank you!!!
  • Bomb insurance! – I am able to go to the chiropractor or acupuncturist for $10 a pop. My physical therapy co-pay is only $5. I could not imagine having to do the treatments I do now out of my own pocket!
  • Free Weight Watchers – I do not use this, but there are people who do!

The most important worksite wellness piece to me is my standing desk! Since returning to the office environment, I began to get neckaches, backaches and headaches sitting all day. I starting chiropractic care, with some results. Then I was referred to physical therapy and acupuncture, which has changed my life. The last piece of getting my strength back in my neck and shoulders was to take a stand … literally! I asked to get a standing workstation. I heard rave reviews about it from people in other sections who had them. Our manager got one and told me he loved his, so back in September, I got my standing desk! So, I stand almost 7.5 hours a day and I love it! It has changed how I dress for work (no more heels, mainly flat boots and tennis shoes) and it has changed my life! I no longer have constant nagging pain from sitting all day! I feel like I have more energy. I do not think that I could go back to sitting all day at a desk. It would literally kill me!

Here is my standing station. I have dual monitors, as every researcher should! Notice how my chair is pushed under my desk! I rarely use my chair anymore! Also notice how I am looking up clothes on one screen and working on the other! HAHAHAH! Also, it is important to note to use a high quality mat to help buffer you from concrete floors! 

photo (15)

Hopefully for those ladies who work, you will be able to have a few options to maintain wellness while at work. I find it refreshing that many companies are now realizing the importance of ensuring workplace wellness for their employees, as it cuts down on sickness and insurance premiums, to name a few benefits!

I would go on a rant why every employer should, but that would bring on PTSD from writing grad school papers! 😉


Crater Lake

This past weekend, Nathan and I ventured down to Southern Oregon to see Crater Lake, then headed down to Redding, CA to check out In ‘N Out Burger.

Crater Lake was absolutely beautiful. I have never seen water so blue in my life … and I lived in Hawaii! The pictures speak for themselves … we hiked up a small hill and just sat there and stared at God’s marvelous creation! It was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

As for the trip to CA … meh. I have heard the rage about In ‘N Out burgers for years. The last time I was in California, they were closed, so I missed my opportunity there. Well, I finally got to try them and while the burger was pretty good, their fries were the most disgusting things I had ever tasted! LOL! The experience definitely wasn’t worth a trip to Californina, but hey … at least I can chime in on the In ‘N Out conversations. I came, I saw, I conquered!

As for hair, I have just been letting it air dry and moisturizing and sealing. There will be no rollersetting until August 24th or 25th, my relaxer prep day.  I cannot believe it is 2 weeks from my relaxer. This summer has really flown by!!

20130815-090404.jpgCL7 CL6 CL3 20130815-090417.jpg20130815-090417.jpg

In Memoriam …

I was cleaning out my closet today and found my old strip scarf, looking tattered and beat down!! The scarf was about one tie down away from ripping in two. I decided it was time to say “good-bye” to my scarf, which was kinda hard to do!

I have had this scarf since 2004. I think my friend Kim gave it to me. I used it to tie my edges down and I would wear my hair clipped up in the back. This hair scarf has been with me through colors, cuts, relaxers, moves, jobs, etc. The scarf will definitely be missed!!



Relaxer is in Less Than 6 Hours (and other thoughts!)

Greetings from Baltimore-Washington International airport! I am about to go board in the next 20 minutes, but I wanted to share my thoughts before my relaxer tonight around 7:30pm!

– I am going to be a darling friend and base and clip my hair in 4 parts before I head over Kim’s. This way I can ensure that it’s done to my liking and that it helps her not have to part through all this hair. I will also coat the length of my hair with olive oil and conditioner to protect my ends.

– I am just over my new growth right now and am just ready to relax! Nothing is going as I want it to! My buns look bad, my edges will not have any of this laying down, etc! Heaven help me if and when I decide to transition!!

– There were some sisters who definitely got the HHJ memos in Baltimore!! I saw several sisters with waist length hair and a lot with BSB and longer hair (both natural and relaxed!) There was this one natural gal who had the cutest twists … Wish I could’ve snapped a picture! I wished my hair was on point, but oh well. There were also a lot of buns due to the humidity!

– On the other side of the token, there were many who did not get the memo. I saw a good deal of scraggly weaves (and they probably weren’t protective styling!!), broken and dry hair. Hmmm ….

Well, I’m just ecstatic about my relaxer! I’m ready to see how its grown! I will definitely clip some ends tonight, but they don’t look too bad. I have a few hairs that have grown longer than the rest of the section, so I plan on evening up my hemline.

Stay tuned!! I will post pictures tonight and write a detailed post when I have time!

Until then … !!!!

Hair Musings about Hawaii

Greetings from my home! I got back early Monday morning so I am trying to catch up on some much needed rest since I had a red-eye Sunday and lack of sleep on Monday night!

Well, where do I begin? My hair did horrible in Hawaii. It was so humid and hot, my hair just felt like dry straw by the end of each day! It was just a mess! I was so excited to get my hair done professionally for the first time in over a year, but that was short-lived. I was so worried when I made my initial appointment with Jeanne that I would not have enough new growth at 10 weeks post … boy, I was wrong! I have a lot of new growth that only lie down with heat or a headband. Anyhoo, Jeanne washed my hair with my beloved Alterna products and did a deep condition using the Alterna Cavair Hair Masque (I have not heard the best things about this product, so it’s not been in my rotation). She rolled my hair and I stayed under the dryer for about an hour. Jeanne took the rollers out and it was bountiful curls. I wish she would have pressed the roots out, but I digress. By the time I got back to Nathan’s dad’s house, they were puffy! I put some kukui nut oil on it and wrapped it up, hoping that it would come out sleek. It did, but as soon as I got outside in the humidity, my whole head was a mess. I was sooooooooo mad! I just paid $60 for nothing!! I didn’t even get a chance to take a picture!

Also, I was telling Jeanne about The Science of Black Hair and how I don’t brush my hair. She said “You should discard that book if someone tells you that! You need to brush your hair everyday to stimulate the scalp so your hair will grow!” Uh … OK? My hair has gone from right at shoulder length to past BSL in 15 months and I have not brushed my hair (other than to smooth edges and wrap my hair occasionally) since I began my HHJ! I told her that I use a shower comb and my hands to detangle and she said I need to brush my hair. There was a girl in the chair getting a relaxer (she looked biracial) and she referred to her and said “See?  She brushes her hair and it has grown!” Yeah, I thought, and she has a different type of hair. She probably made some jokes about it while they were at the bowl. I was a little turned off by that … especially since she didn’t even bother to hear what I had to say and she was so quick to dismiss it and talk over me. I know what works for me and how much thicker my hair is since I don’t brush anymore!

By the time Sunday came around, I was ready to come back to Oregon! I was exhausted, as the trip seemed like we were always running around to meet people instead of enjoying each other’s company and the island.

I got home Monday and had the Soft-Sheen Carson Amla Legend Oil line waiting for me! I requested the product line due to rave reviews from other bloggers and they were happy to oblige me!

Here are my initial thoughts of the contents:

Amla Legend No-Lye Relaxer – I will not use this. I do not use no-lye relaxers and I have also heard bad things about it. One blogger reported that it burned her scalp. I gave it to my co-worker to give to someone who may be interested in trying it.

– Amla Legend Damage Antidote Oil Moisturizer (Aqua/Water/Eau, Paraffinum Liquidum/Mineral Oil/Huile Minerale, Glycerin, Petrolatum, Cetearyl Alcohol, Cera Microcristallina/Microcrystalline Wax/ Cire Microcristalline, PEG-100 Stearate, Glyceryl Stearate, Parfum/Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Polysorbate 60, Xanthan Gum, Dimethicone, Panthenol, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, 2-Oleamido-1.3-Octadecanediol, Methylisothiazolinone, CI 19140/Yellow 5, Limonene, CI 15985/Yellow 6, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract) – I hate the term “oil moisturizer,” because oils do not moisturize. This product seems like a revamped Pink Oil! It contains a host of bad ingredients, such as mineral oil and petroleum. I also gave this to my co-worker to try, with the disclaimer about the ingredients.

Amla Legend Body Filler Hair Wash (Aqua/Water/Eau, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocoamide MEA, Polysorbate 20, Sodium Chloride, Parfum/Fragrance, Phenoxyethanol, Polyquaternium-7, PPG-5-Ceteth-10 Phosphate, Potassium Sorbate, PEG/PPG/Polybutylene Glycol-8/5/3 Glycerin, Citric Acid, Benzyl Salicylate, Disodium EDTA, Benzyl Alcohol, Sodium Benzoate, Hexyl Cinnamal, Phenolsulfonephthalein, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract, Sodium Hydroxide) Meh … I am on the fence about this one. It contains sulfates. I will try it on weeks that I want a light clarifying treatment.

– Amla Legend Body Filler Hair Cream Conditioner (Aqua/Water/Eau, Glycerin, Cetearyl Alcohol, Polyquaternium-37, Propylene Glycol Dicaprylate, Parfum/Fragrance, Amodimethicone, PPG-1-Trideceth-6, Stearyl Dimethicone, Benzyl Salicylate, Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride, Trideceth-6, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Cetrimonium Chloride, CI 19140/Yellow 5, CI 15985/Yellow 6, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract) This product has some decent ingredients such as glycerin and cetearyl alcohol,  so I think I will try this in the shower or as a pre-poo conditioner.

Amla Legend Billion Hair Potion (Aqua/Water/Eau, Glycerin, Arginine, PPG-5-Ceteth-12, Citric Acid, Phenoxyethanol, Parfum/Fragrance, Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium Chloride, Benzyl Salicylate, Chlorhexidine Dihydrochloride, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, 2-Oleamido-1, 3-Octadecanediol, CI 19140/Yellow 5, Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract, CI 14700/Red, CI 17200/Red 33, CI 42090/Blue 1.) I have heard great things about this product in particular, which prompted me to ask for samples of the Amla line. I am using this as a sealing oil for now.

– Amla Legend 1001 Oils Cream Night Wrap (Water, Cocos Nucifera Oil/Coconut Oil, Isopropyl Myristate, Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Steareth-21, Dimethicone, Steareth-2, Fragrance, Propylene Glycol, Polyacrylamide, Phenoxyethanol, Sorbic Acid, C13-14 Isoparaffin, Xanthan Gum, Laureth-7, Benzyl Salicylate, Benzyl Alcohol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Methylisothiazolinone, Yellow 5 (CI 19140), Yellow 6 (CI 15985), Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract, F.I.L. D55194/3) – I am on the fence about this one …

Wash Day!

I meant to post this on Sunday …. I did not … and now it is Thursday evening … oh well. 😉



Ugh! I have been terrible about my hair the past week or so! I have just not had the desire to deal with it. There is sooooooooo much going on. Spring is really busy for my job. We have been traveling the past two weeks and I have another trip beginning tomorrow. I do not even unpack my small suitcase! I just keep it ready for the next trip! I used to envy people who were able to travel a lot for their job … I do not hold such an emotion any longer! It is very tiring. I have not even had a moment to really plan for our Hawaii trip which is in a week (gasp!) I am literally just taking it day-by-day, and so my hair has become my schedule’s latest casualty.

This past week while on the road in Bend, OR, I noticed several snapping pieces of hair. I immediately opined that they are from me using the Joico Intense Hydrator as my deep conditioner last week instead of my Alterna. Usually I would follow up with an Alterna conditioning session, but I chose not to at the peril of my hair. To add insult to injury, you know I flat ironed my hair and had to seal this week with the silicone-laden Macadamia Natural Oil Treatment since it is in the helpful travel size. I am about to pour that mess out into my hot oil treatment bottle (which serves as a final resting place for oils I did not like on my hair, but I could use on my scalp) and put in my kukui nut oil or grapeseed oil.

Needless to say, this Wash Day is designated to be moisture-rich. I did not start off with a pre-poo, since I did not want to manipulate my hair more than it needed to be with it being so dry and prone to breaking. I started off with a clarifying wash to get the silicones out of my hair then followed up with my Alterna Caviar Moisture shampoo. I shower-conditioned with Ion Extreme Moisture and Redken All-Soft. When I rinsed my hair, it felt like Angel Tears. It was soooooooooooo smooth and soft!! I deep conditioned for about an hour with Alterna Caviar and kukui nut oil. Since I am in just a blah mood and am not up for roller setting, I just did some two-strand twists with a flexi-rod at the end using my normal leave-ins. I don’t really care how it turns out, as I plan on protective styling my hair 100% this week, especially since I will be ramping up the exercise routines to try to shed some pounds before Hawaii!!!

My next Wash Day will be next Sunday before our Hawaii trip. I definitely plan on roller setting next week!

Random Hair Observations from my weekend in NC

While I was in NC, I noticed a few things about my hair and i wanted to record them.

– There was breakage – I mean long pieces, short pieces, medium pieces. I wonder if it was due to the constant manipulation going down. And Kim definitely was not gentle with my hair while detangling. She pretty much raked the comb through my hair. I didn’t say anything, but I was a bit miffed. The saying that no one will care for your hair the way you do is the truth!

– I don’t think my hair liked the ApHogee 2-step from last Sunday’s detangling fiasco. I will not be using that again until I need it (having severe breakage). My hair really hasn’t been the same since

– The black and gray rollers produced a nice style! I had some nice Kate Middleton-ish curls. I can’t wait to roll it myself this weekend. Unfortunately, I do not have pictures of the style because even though I got it done yesterday, we went to a smoky ass bar and by the time I got home, my hair felt like it was dripping smoke. I washed and conditioned my hair as soon as I got home and let it dry in a bun.

– I actually feel that my hair is “long” now! Ebony C Princess from Longing 4 Length hosted a poll question a few weeks ago asking what length did one feel was actually “long” and good majority responded “BSL.” I sent Nathan a pic (as you know Nathan is quite indifferent to hair photos) and he said “Wow! Your hair is long!” Even when I look at my hair, I am now like, I have long hair. Im quite pleased with this length. Even the roller sets are looking quite lengthy!

– I’m ready to see what this relaxer stretch will bring! I may not have Kim do it this time. I don’t know because I wasn’t too pleased with how she treated it this time. She does a great job, but the harsh detangling really got to me. I was thinking of finally trying out the salon I have heard about in Portland.

– Here’s a pic of my goddaughter’s hair! It definitely needs some moisture on the ends, but other than that, it’s so pretty!!! It’s right at BSL. I told her that it is important to keep her hair healthy because as she grows, the length may give the illusion her hair is getting shorter so to maintain long hair we have to have healthy hair practices.