An Inch for Your Thoughts #13: You Put All That In Your Hair?

Ever since I began my HHJ over 16 months ago, I have been a fan of pre-pooing with anything that I can find in my cupboard, fridge or pantry. In the past, I have used the following edible items in my hair: EVOO, EVCO, sesame oil, grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerin, apple cider vinegar, honey, avocado, garlic and tea (I am sure I am leaving out a few items)!

As some of you may know, the past few months I have done pre-poos with honey and a conditioner. I am loving the honey as a pre-poo, as I feel my hair has retained moisture better.

In Hawaii, Nathan’s dad had a jar of unopened manuka honey. Normally, I use just regular, store-bought honey, but I knew this had to be special by it saying it was from New Zealand! I immediately asked him for it and he said yes. I told him I was going to put it on my hair and he looked a bit puzzled and said “OK!” in his normal cheerful manner. The following day, we went to visit Nathan’s aunt and uncle who were leaving for home the next day. They buy food to cook and prepare for their two week vacation and at the end, they will give us what they don’t use. They had some ACV and some EVOO left over. I offered to take it and told them I use these products in my hair! Nathan’s dad then asked “what don’t you put in your hair!” It was quite hilarious!

I am all for putting natural ingredients in your hair! I have been wanting to experiment a bit with yogurt, eggs, milk, etc., but have not had the opportunity yet.

Well, bon appetit! 🙂

I am convinced … I can feel my hair grow.

There are random times when I feel like I may have fleas/lice/bugs in my hair. My scalp starts to feel like there is some weird activity going on … not sure what it is! It just feels like my scalp is crawling (weird, I know).

I am convinced this is a sign that my hair is growing, as are the ladies over at Long Hair Care Forum

Just had to share this random thought!

This is a picture of the Lice Family from an episode of South Park back in Spring 2007! They are in the head of Clyde.

Hair Growth Phases

This morning, a co-worker had a piece of hair on her jeans. Being the weird person that I am, I checked to make sure that it had a bulb to determine whether it was broken or shed: it was shed.

She said she wished she didn’t shed hair … I assured her she was not alone. Imagine how thick our hair would be, she said. Then I told her how hair growth worked. I told her that if our hair reached terminal length at the same time, then it would all fall out and we would be bald, waiting for our hair to grow out evenly!

Shed hair, while annoying to lose, is a natural part of the hair growth cycle. You can read about it on numerous blogs, so I think this pictorial from The Florida Skin Institute says it the best!! How cute is this??

anagen, catagen, telogen phases of hair growth

Hard water and your hair

I have been seeing on people’s blogs where they are buying shower filters due to hard water in their apartment. Hard water may have minerals in them that leave hair hard, dry and may lead to breakage. I was curious about whether we had hard water or not … so I did some poking around and we do not have hard water our home, so we are good! Places in the Pacific Northwest have the least amount of hard water. Also, my showerhead does not have mineral buildup or other deposits around it. It looks almost new.

Sigh … no need to buy a water filter! However, I am using distilled water in the Caruso roller reservoir, as that is what’s recommended!

Here is a helpful article about hard water and your hair …