Relaxer Day!

I feel like it has been forever since I posted! I was sick last week and this week I was so busy at work, I didn’t have time to think! I need to be doing some work now, but I thought I would post about my relaxer before I got too lazy. I did my relaxer day preparation last Sunday and didn’t even post about it. Oh well … you can see my former posts. I did the same things: Clarify, Protein Treatment, Moisture Treatment. I did a horrible roller set to just stretch out my hair.

So yesterday was the first relaxer of 2014 and I was 14 weeks post. Since I am no longer timing my relaxers with my quarterly trips home, I think 14 week stretches will be the norm for me.

I went to a new lady named Joan who does hair at the salon I visited two years ago for a relaxer. I made sure that the Mizani Butter Blends system would be used, because it works for my hair and I am not switching! Before I go into details, Joan was awesome … a bit too awesome! It took me about 6 hours from start to finish! But this lady took her time, applied several treatments (protein and ending with moisture) and did an all-around thorough job! I was very impressed of how she handled my hair, despite being hella tired when I left at 10:30pm!

I loved everything but the flat ironing part. She used a wide iron, so my hair was stick straight. It is great to see the actual length, but not good for my large head to have flat hair! I threw in my satin pillow rollers to give my hair some body. You know how hair can look flat after a relaxer anyway!

So here are the photos! So it appears that your girl (ahem, me!) has her longest length approaching WL territory! I think I will get to my WL goal by May! 🙂 Too bad you can see how I totally gapped my hair up by “trimming” it this week! Oh well! It’ll go and I’ll even it out next relaxer! HAHAHAH!

photo 1photo 2

Finally, the hair in the front of my hair is starting to grow out! I may be Full APL now!

photo 3

And here are a few photos from the top. Loving how the relaxer took! I am thoroughly pleased!

photo 4 photo 5

My next relaxer will be June 20th or 21st, 2014.


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