Fitness Friday: My Exercise Regimen

I decided that 2014 was my year to take fitness to the next level and I wanted to build a regimen that would:

1. High intensity interval training (HIIT) – I get this through cardio-intense workouts such as Insanity DVDs, kickboxing and certain days of bootcamp that focus on sports conditioning. I can also get this by running stairs or doing the stairmaster. I am not a fan of using cardio machines if I don’t have to!

2. Weight training – Muscles burn fat. You get muscles from weight training and doing other body-resistance exercises. Regimens that exclude weight training and focuses strictly on cardio can help you drop weight, along with helpful muscle mass. My friend in Hawaii who was extremely fit, but not thin, recommended this book to me when I was trying to lose the unexplained weight I gained and thought that I would run more (in addition to the 2-3 miles I ran almost everyday!). The Female Body Breakthrough: The Revolutionary Strength-Training Plan for Losing Fat and Getting the Body You Want by Rachel Cosgrove (available at Amazon for $15.34 on paperback and $9.99 on Kindle) talks about how if you want to lose fat (notice I said fat, not weight), you need to hit the weight-lifting floor! Weightlifting can cause the scale to go up, but your body proportions (e.g. measurements) to come down!

3. Stretching – Man, does HIIT and weight training cause a body to get stiff! I used to do pilates and got great results, but I just kind of let it wall to the wayside. The guy at the gym suggested that I try yoga. I was like “nah … it’s not that great of a workout,” and something told me to walk in the class two Sunday mornings ago and am hooked! There is a lot of strength and stretching required! My hips have never felt so open and at the end, I just feel so peaceful. I have started taking it 2x a week with the potential to add in another session on Fridays.

So, with that being said, here is my workout regimen! 


I consider my yoga days my “rest days!” Of course, if there is something that comes up (e.g. a meeting, travel) or I am sick, I may change my schedule, but for the most part, this is what I do!

Speaking of yoga, here is my WOOTD: Lululemon Scoop Neck Tank and Lululemon Wunder Under Reversible Crop. I had my Lululemon Sweat Once A Day bag, but it has started to peel and I will be sending it back sometime this week!

photo 1

Yoga poses from l to r – tree pose and eagle pose

photo 2 photo 3


UPDATE ON 2/17 – Today was President’s Day, so I had the day off (hooray!) I doubled up on fitness classes by going to pilates in the morning (and it was like no pilates class I had ever been to – it was awesome!) and my regular kickboxing class tonight.

Here was my morning outfit and proof that Lululemon (and some hard work!) can make a butt look good!

Lululemon PYB Pant and Lululemon black halter. These items are no longer available on the site! 😦

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3


8 thoughts on “Fitness Friday: My Exercise Regimen

  1. Great exercise post! I love how you have Yoga as your rest days! I also used to be the same with yoga and pilates, but they are really good for stretching and strength! I currently don’t do any weights, but you definitely have a good point, they are necessary for toning!

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