Sample Alerts!

As a reformed product junkie who has a pretty set regimen, I tend to get my fix of trying new products by obtaining samples and gift with purchases! I have received these samples in the past month:

Aveda dry remedy daily moisturizing oil – I got this at Aveda on the way to Canada. I didn’t care for the other product ingredients in this line, but this oil was silicone free, so I said I would take a sample. I threw away the card that listed the ingredients and Aveda doesn’t list them on their website (which is very weird, especially for a company that touts their ingredients are “natural”), so I found them listed on this site.

Ingredients: Sunflower seed oil, dicaprylyl maleate, dicaprylyl ether, methyl soyate, polyglyceryl-10 pentaoleate, olive oil, buriti fruit oil, pomegranate sterols, tocopherol, fragrance, farnesol, linalool, benzyl salicylate, citronellol, citral, limonene, benzyl benzoate, coumarin, geraniol.

So far, I like it, but it is not something that I would go out and buy. It does smooth my hair down and add some shine. A dab or two will do you for each section. I also hate the word “moisturizing” when describing oil, especially when there is not any water to be found in it!

Pureology Colour Fanatic – This is a leave-in spray that says it primes, protect and perfects. I got this as a sample at Ulta. I will have to type a list of the ingredients, as I cannot find them online at this time. I do like this product and use it in lieu of my Carol’s Daughter Monoi Oil Anti-Breakage Spray. Even though it is intended for people with colored hair, the benefits can really help anyone! I have used this several times for both my blow out and faux air dry and I must say, me and my hair likes it. I am not sure it will unseat Carol’s Daughter as my protein leave-in, but I have plenty of it left so time will tell!

Macadamia Natural Oil Flawless: 6-in-1 Cleansing Conditioner – I got this as a sample at Ulta. I saw where it has dimethicone in the first 5 ingredients, but I decided what the heck … I will use it as a co-wash during these sweaty weeks of working out! I used it for the first time last night. I thought that the product would be foamy since it is in an aerosol can, but it actually came out creamy! It claims to take the place of your shampoo and conditioner. In order to see how my hair reacted to it, I washed my hair with it 2x, then applied it as a conditioner treatment in the shower. I thought my hair would be dried out and sticky from this product, but surprise!! It didn’t! It actually felt conditioned! I applied my normal leave-ins and then sat under the dryer while my hair dried. Afterwards, my hair felt fine!

This product is crazy expensive! It is $33 for 8oz, so I will not be buying it. It works, but I am not convinced that I need to give up my Alberto V-05 co-washes for this product! The link provides a video so you can see how to use the product!


2 thoughts on “Sample Alerts!

    • I think you can get 3.3 oz for $15. Chile cheese! (Atlanta speak for “child, please”) I would never pay that much for a spray can of conditioner! I am glad that Ulta gave out samples, because I wouldn’t spend my money on it. I don’t really care for Macadamia Natural Oil products, as I find some of them (especially that “healing oil”) laden with silicones, which is no bueno for my hair! Let me know what you think if you get a chance to use it! 🙂

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