Satin Pillow Rollers – I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at the BSS the other day with the specific purpose of buying some satin rollers because my hair seems to have trouble holding curls with my rollersetting. I discovered sleeping in magnetic rollers (especially the black ones like I do) was a huge fail, so I finally decided to look for some satin rollers that would help me refresh limp curls.

I saw two types: the regular satin roller (it essentially looks like a sponge roller with a satin cover) and some satin pillow rollers, which I have heard good things about. I bought both to see what would benefit my hair the most. I must admit, at first I was a bit apprehensive about how the satin pillow rollers would work since it appeared that the hair would be bunched up on the roller and could possibly form a crease.

I rolled my hair last night at first using the regular satin roller. I didn’t like how the clasp appeared to make a dent in my hair, so about an hour later I took them out and put in the pillow rollers and I am glad I did!!! I took some of the rollers out this morning to see what the curls looked like and they were springy spirals! Imagine that! From a pillow roller!

Here’s how the hair looked when it was rolled, when I was taking it down and when I had the roller completely out. I have a long day of travel ahead for work and I plan on keeping these rollers in until I get to my destination! They will be covered with a satin bonnet and a toboggan. I am totally doing the Rihanna-I-ain’t-taking-my-wrap-out-for-the-AMAs! I will take some pictures when I have them all out and the final style!

These rollers can be purchased online for about $4 and in stores for about $4 for 10. I bought two packs to ensure that I would have enough.


Pictures of curls after I took the rollers out – I really did not want to comb them out! I gently took my Magic Rake comb and combed a couple of times through each section to fluff and separate the curls.





Some fun with the roller! It looks like that ridiculous mustache symbol I see around!

Pictures of my hair after I combed it out! It falls at about APL and I absolutely love my curls!!!! I felt like a little doll with my curls on the ends! I am in love with these satin pillow rollers and will be rolling my hair up with them again in about 10 minutes (after I admire my hair some more!)

I must confess, at this point and time in my HHJ, I am not really as concerned with length as I am with finding styles that I can do and maintain! I love my hair curly over it being straight! I am just excited I have found a way to extend my roller sets and blow outs with these satin pillow rollers! Friends, drop everything and go get you some A$AP Rocky!



9 thoughts on “Satin Pillow Rollers – I AM IN LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hi Yvonne! I am not one to gloat, but I love this style! The dolly curls (a la Duchess Kate) are giving me life everlasting (Southern speak for “I LOVE IT!”) I can’t stay out of the mirror! HAHAHAHA!

      To be fair, my friend did use a flat iron on this past Saturday, but this will be easily replicated with a roller set, which I will be doing this weekend!

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