Why I Use Sulfate Shampoos Every Wash Day!

This post was inspired by Kim over at Fancy Flair Lady. About a month ago, she noted she was having problems with the feel of her hair and asked her readers about whether they used sulfate-free shampoos and I replied that each Wash Day, I use both sulfate and sulfate-free and here’s why … 

I am deathly afraid of having buildup on my fine strands and much-needed moisture being blocked. Some of my conditioners and leave-ins have small amounts of silicone in them, so I want to make sure they are removed. I have seen the devastation that inadequate removal of silicones can cause. I also do a pre-poo every Wash Day, so I feel that my hair is up to using sulfates.

For my first wash, I use a gentle sulfate shampoo such as Amla Legends Body Filler Hair Wash, which does not leave my hair feeling stripped, but removing any product that may be hard to remove with a sulfate-free shampoo. I then follow up with my sulfate-free Alterna Caviar Volume shampoo, which helps to replenish moisture. I then proceed to do an in-shower conditioning treatment.

I have been doing this for majority of my HHJ and have not had any problems with it! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Why I Use Sulfate Shampoos Every Wash Day!

  1. Yeah I remember Kim’s post and I had the same problem but didn’t know what the cause was. I actually prep my hair to use sulfate-free shampoos. I notice if I do a hot oil treatment for my pre-poo the sulfate free shampoo doesn’t dry my hair out as much.

  2. This sounds logical; I will definitely try that, so get a thorough removal of any build up, a lot of my products have some kind of silicone in them. What ‘in shower conditioning treatment’ do you do? Is that just with an instant con before you DC step? Am intrigued!

    • Hi there!!! I use my Alterna Caviar or Ion Extreme Moisture Cream. After I rinse my shampoo out, I apply the conditioner and wrap in a warm turban while I bathe and shave. I rinse it out then proceed to deep conditioning! It gives my hair some additional moisture!! :))

    • Oh I meant to add the part about if you use silicones, definitely try to use a gentle sulfate shampoo as often as you feel comfortable. Carolyn from Waist Length Wishes actually got me to doing this since she suffered a setback due to silicone buildup a few years ago!

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