State of Aff-hairs

Greetings guys! It has been a little while, but I was busy getting ready for presentations at a conference. Public speaking is not my favorite thing to do, so I have to spend a lot of time getting prepared physically, spiritually, mentally, etc! I thought I would do a quick run down of what’s going on in the world of my hair!

1. Hair has been out! – I wore it down for two days at the conference and it looked (pronounce it “look-ed” like Funky Dineva!) good! I had my Wash Day on Sunday this week for two reasons: 1) the conference started Monday and I wanted fresh hair and 2) I worked out Saturday and Sunday since I have a Vegas trip on the horizon.

2. My ends have been in great shape – For the past month, I have experienced minimal breakage throughout the week and I cannot describe how happy this has made me! I have a few theories on why this is:

  • I have been using my protein leave-ins at each Wash Day. Up until recently, I used my protein leave-ins (Redken Anti-Snap or ApHogee Green Tea Keratin Restructurizer about once a month, if that. I have long ago diagnosed myself with protein sensitivity and wanted to make sure I was overburdening my hair with them. Since my hair has grown longer, I think I need more protein to help protect those weak cuticles and give hair structure so it will not break. Since using my light protein leave-ins weekly, I feel that my hair is stronger, yet my ends are smooth and stay moisturized. Additionally, I think using a protein leave-in gives my hair more volume. A few weeks ago, I noticed my hair felt lank and thin. I looked back and realized that I hadn’t used a protein leave-in that week! I think that I may have finally found my perfect moisture/protein balance.
  • I have been using roller papers on my ends. The rolling papers help protect the ends from being placed directly on the roller as well as ensures that it does not take a lot of heat from the dryer. I have noticed that my ends are more defined and moisturized since using them. I originally started using them on sections to lay on the black roller, but I think I will start using them for every section.
  • Carol’s Daughter Minoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum! I love this stuff and have spread the word. I am even going to buy my girlfriend a bottle for her birthday and present it to her in Vegas! (BONUS: I don’t have to pack mine!)

Ends are looking and feeling good!


3. I will get the Redken Shades EQ again. I think that this is the stuff responsible for my awesome hair color! I didn’t think it could be since it was demi-permanent, but I was looking at my roots and they are black and there is about 3 inches of new growth (which is right on par since I got it done late March). I get my relaxer at the very end of November, so I am getting it on December 14th. Hooray! One thing I will not do is use direct heat on my hair when I get it done. Ulta likes to charge a fee for getting hair rolled, so if that is the case, I will leave with wet hair, come home and deep condition and roll my own hair.

4. Speaking of direct heat … – I have not used direct heat since my relaxer and plan on using it once more this year … which is next week when we go to Las Vegas. If I stick to that, I will have only used direct heat 6x this year (February, March, April, June, August, October). Next year, my goal is to use it only 4-5x, but we will see what grazing waist length brings.

5. My regimen has been iron-clad – I am at such a happy place in my journey now! I have generous supply of everything that my hair needs and loves (ahem – Alterna Texture Cream). I may add in a sample conditioner for a pre-poo or swap out my protein leave-in, but I have been using my core products consistently and I can tell that my hair is thriving because of it!

6. How much longer to waist length? – I would say about 3 inches for me to comfortably claim it … so I am looking at late-Spring/early summer if I do not experience a setback (fingers crossed!). I may conclude growing my hair at the end of 2014 (just shy of my 3 year HHJ and just start maintaining).

7. I may trim the front! – Remember my driveling and lamenting about my hair in the front not growing? Now it’s a too long and it doesn’t “fan” the way I want it to. I do not – I REPEAT- do not want to be full-waist length. I need layers and dimension. We shall see how this plays out … stay tuned!

8. Relaxer! In 6 weeks! –  I have no idea what I am going to do for my relaxer application next month since I am not going home! I am weighing a few options, but am heavily leaning on self-relaxing. I heard of a technique where you practice applying the relaxer with conditioner. I will probably start doing this in early November to see if I am ready for prime-time! I have done it once before and didn’t go bald, so I don’t think it will be an issue. This way, I will be able to treat my hair to certain treatments as long as I like without having to explain myself or rush!

That is all for the aff-hairs for now! Enjoy some pics of my hair after I got home from a long conference day and excuse the oil and shine (maybe I should have wiped some from my face and sealed my ends with it! HAHAHAHHAHA!)


4 thoughts on “State of Aff-hairs

  1. Great aff-hair post!
    I have been reading a lot on protein for the ends, an looking to try that because you hair looks great!!! I think the layers at WL would look super cool, no need to grow it all to WL, spring next year, so excited for you, I think the maintaining stage of the journey would be absolutely cool, A few more year till I can say that.
    You made me crack up with the – wipe your face and seal your hair with it hahaha! You are so funny!
    Great the conference went well and all the best with you self relaxing practicing, wow, I can imagine it being really daunting! I am thinking of going to the salon this time around and boy am I nervous!!!

    • Thanks Yvonne! I think I am a pretty funny person!!

      I would highly suggest a light protein leave-in weekly or every other week, if you think your hair could take it. Of course, if you do a protein deep conditioner, I would not suggest it! My hair has really thrived since incorporating it into my regimen on a weekly basis!

      As far as self-relaxing goes, if I am left with a few strands of hair (a la Coolio), then you will know it went horribly wrong! HAHA! I plan on moving back to NC next year, so I will just allow my girlfriend to do my hair whenever I need a stylist’s assistance!!

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