Wash Day!

Well, today was Wash Day! I did not want to do it after a long morning and afternoon of running errands, but I hate doing my hair on Sundays, so I decided to power on through!

Here’s how it went down:

Pre-Poo: Green Tea Rinse for shedding

As I mentioned last week, I experienced a bad case of shedding last week so to try to thwart my shedding, I decided to do a green tea rinse. I had been seeing this Bigelow green tea with antioxidants (doesn’t that sound nice for hair??) at 7-11 where I get my morning java, so I decided to grab two packets. The guy was so nice, he didn’t even charge me for them! It has been many moons since I have done a tea rinse, so I forgot to brew the tea ahead of time to allow it to cool! I brewed the tea as directed, poured it out into a plastic container with ice and placed in the refrigerator to expedite its cooling off. I then poured the tea into a nozzled bottle and a spray bottle. I used the nozzled bottle to apply the tea directly to my scalp and I used the spray to cover the entire length of my hair. I put on a turban and sat under the dryer to read for about 30 minutes, then rinsed with cool water.

photo 1photo 2photo 3

Shampoo: Amla Legends Body Filler Hair Wash, Alterna Caviar Volume Shampoo

In-Shower Conditioning Treatment: Ion Extreme Moisture

Deep Conditioner: Silk Elements MegaSilk for 50 minutes with heat

Leave-Ins: Alterna Caviar Photo Age Defense, Alterna Caviar Texture Cream, Redken Extreme Anti-Snap, Carol’s Daughter Minoi Oil Sacred Strengthening Serum

I rolled majority of my hair on black rollers. I also noticed that I did not have as much shedding as I did last week. I cannot solely attribute that to the green tea rinse, but I think it helped. I noticed that when I rolled the shed hair up into a ball, it looked like I lost the same amount as last week. From now on I will just take pictures of a layout of strands!

photo 5

It took me about 90 minutes to dry, which was fine! I was busy reading a book and then wrote a blog post. By the time I knew it, I was dry! I took the rollers out and took a picture of my hair that was rolled on both the black and gray rollers. You can see that the black roller leaves my hair with a more “bumped” look whereas the gray gives me a springy curl.

Left – black roller                                                 Right – gray roller

photo 1  photo 3

I wrapped my hair, put on a few drops of CD’s serum and put my scarf on for the night! I will take pictures of the end result tomorrow!  These pictures are immediately after taking my rollers down! And yes, I know you love my Hello Kitty spa wrap! I use this thing every Wash Day! It is so easy to put on when I am jumping in and out of the shower to rinse out product!

photo 4 photo 5


End result … You all get a ghetto-fied picture of a picture. Here’s my passport photo that I had to take today!


photo 2


2 thoughts on “Wash Day!

    • Ugh … roller setting has it’s pros and cons. The drying time really gets to me sometimes!!! My hair does better when it is roller sat, though. I experience less breakage when I do roll than when I air dry! 🙂

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