An Inch for Your Thoughts #16: “Do you ever get tired of doing that?”

Nathan asked me this question back in the early spring when I was mixing up one of my pre-poos and I have been meaning to write about it, but it often slips my mind! I definitely remembered it today when we came in from a morning and afternoon of errands and shopping, only for me to have another 4-5 hours doing my hair to look forward to (ugh … instead of eating vanilla bean ice cream and catching up on “Hell on Wheels!”)

So as I brewed my green tea for my rinse this afternoon, I thought that today would be a great day to write about this topic.

HHJs are not for the milquetoast, as I wrote in a blog last September. The ugly truth for a vast majority of black women is that if you want APL+ hair, you are going to have to work for it … and work hard!!!! Due to our hair being so fragile and prone to dryness and breakage, we have to practice diligent care to prevent new hair from becoming damaged and to try to salvage damaged hair from our pre-HHJ days.

I look at my HHJ from a delayed gratification vantage point. Sure, I cannot wear my hair down everyday (and have to wear boring buns), I cannot flat iron it more than about 6x a year, I cannot have permanent color or highlights and I have to spend 4-5 hours almost every weekend treating and rolling it … just to name a few sacrifices, but the ability to retain length, thickness and get the oohs and ahhs (and looks of envy from some people in my hometown … the haters know who they are!) from admirers is definitely worth it in the long term. I have friends who are able to have short wash days by blow drying and flat ironing often, but they are firmly stuck at neck or collarbone length.

On days like today, when I just didn’t feel up to putting on the dog-and-pony-show for my hair, I remembered my end vision of waist length hair and how far I have come in two years and it gave me a little strength boost to get through my Wash Day!

So how did I answer Nathan’s question? I told him “Yeah, I do, but in the end, the results are so worth it.” 🙂


6 thoughts on “An Inch for Your Thoughts #16: “Do you ever get tired of doing that?”

  1. I have thought about this too. I think about how I’ll have to rollerset my texlaxed hair more (knowing how hard it will be at the length that I want to get to) to avoid flatironing. How I’ll have to PS and hide the length I worked so hard for to protect and keep it. The long was days every weekend… the list can go on. But it is so worth it in the end.

    • Yep!!! As you have seen, when you do get the results you worked so hard to get, the hard work doesn’t seem so bad! That’s true for many aspects of life!

      I thought about roller setting at waist length, too! I know some ladies says that it’s physically impossible because their arms don’t stretch as long as their hair! I definitely don’t want to start flat ironing it, so I may just have to go to salons for a roller set while doing my pre-poo and other stuff at home!

    • Hi there! I totally agree! To me, there’s nothing like a relaxer and getting to see all your new growth stretched out! To me, Christmas comes 5x a year (4 for my relaxers and 1 for the real thing!)

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