Guess I am not the Living Proof …

HA! Living Proof’s motto is “You are the Living Proof.” Well, I must not be because their products just aren’t working for my hair. This past Saturday, I did a roller set and used the Living Proof Prime Style Extender, Satin Serum and No Frizz nourishing cream as my leave-ins. Just like the week before, when I combed my hair out, the ends were crunchy, tangled and dry feeling. I am convinced that my hair just didn’t like their products, especially the Prime Style Extender, which has some alcohol in it. Their product concepts are great, but I am not used to having dry, crunchy ends when I shell out a lot of money for products; I ended up returning all three of them.

On a [very] positive note, something told me to check Amazon’s website to see if they had my Alterna Texture Cream, which has been my creamy leave-in for years. The last time I checked, the price was almost $40 for one bottle, which is why I have been running around trying to find something that works like it! Today, they had them for $17 with free shipping if you spent over $25, so I bought 2! Each bottle lasts me for about 9-12 months, so it should buy me some time before I need to look for a creamy leave-in again! I hate when they discontinue the products that I love, but hey … it happens!

As for my silicone-free serum, tomorrow I am going to get the Carol’s Daughter Minoi Oil Serum from Sephora and see how I like that. I will use it as my leave-ins for my roller set this weekend. Stay tuned! 🙂


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