Making My Dress Hair-Friendly!

Last night, I was trying on a dress that I planned to wear to a Labor Day party this weekend! The dress has a zipper that goes from the waist up to just below the neck and I noticed that my hair was getting caught in the zipper! I plan on wearing my hair down, so I wanted to figure out how I can make the dress hair-friendly without having to wear my hair up (who wants to wear their freshly-relaxed hair up?? Not me!).

Then a light-bulb went off … I could use my kinesiotape (I have neck and shoulder pain, so sometimes I use this type of tape to tape myself up to help stabilize those body parts) to tape the zipper down and cover the length of the zipper so that my hair is rubbing against a smooth surface! I have to be careful and make sure the tape is securely stuck to the dress so my hair is not sticking to it, but overall, I think it will work! The dress is navy blue and tape is black, so it will blend nicely. Besides, it will be in a dark club and I don’t think anyone will notice. Even if they do, I don’t care!

Here’s how it will work:

From left to right: (1) This is the dress with it’s zipper exposed (2) Kinesiotape up close; (3) The kinesiotape firmly pressed against the dress, covering the zipper. Ta-da!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3



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