Sigh … I am THAT client … (ingredient snob alert!)

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you know that I do my hair most of the time unless I am getting relaxers (in which my friend in NC does it). I love being able to do my own hair or have my friend do it because I am in total control of the products that I use, the methods in which my hair is handled and doing processes that I know from experience will benefit my hair.

I am heading to the Raleigh-Durham area in a few weeks and made an appointment with a salon that looks like they specialize in healthy care practices. They have client pictures and the results are lovely! I saw where they use the Design Essentials line. I have heard great things about Design Essentials line and they seem to be a staple in the black salons I have talked with over the past year. I know Ulta sells some of their products so I decided to look at the ingredients. In some of the products, I found high up on the ingredient lists: mineral oil, dimethicone, petroleum and there are parabens (a preservative that is a potential carcinogen) located near the end. Ughhhhhhh …

I have no idea why products aimed at blacks have to have mineral oil or petroleum in them. With products with natural or premium synthetic ingredients being all the rage among black women, there is really no need for a salon-quality line to have them in them. I even see where the Mizani conditioner I will be using during my relaxer has mineral oil in it, but at least that will be stripped away after I shampoo it!! I definitely do not use leave-ins with them. There are too many other alternatives that could be used, which is why I “cross the aisle” and get products that are not traditionally aimed at blacks to avoid these products that can block precious moisture from our hair. I have read rave reviews about the Design Essentials line, but I can’t take a chance!

Out of concern (and being THAT client), I called the salon to see if I could use my own leave-ins and they reluctantly said yes, but after they said they usually don’t allow it. I’m thinking about canceling my appointment and just having Kim roll it or roll it myself. Besides, I will save about $60 (which could go towards my Vegas fund!)

We shall see …. I have about a week to make my decision. Sometimes I want to just pamper myself with a professionally done style, but don’t want to relinquish control over my hair! Ahhh … The conundrum!!


4 thoughts on “Sigh … I am THAT client … (ingredient snob alert!)

  1. I know what you mean. On my wash days which seem to take sooo long, I keep thinking “I really wish I had someone else to do my hair:” But then I realize I’m going to want them to do my hair, my way, with the products I like. I’d end up complaining and nagging so much they’d be ready to throw me out. LOL!

  2. You are a paying customer, don’t feel bad. I think salons should be happy people can be free enough to voice their opinions, if I had a salon I would really interview people who have an opinion about their hair, it will only make me better and attract more customers from things learnt!

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