Just how far I’ve come …

photo 1

I was M&Sing last night and wanted to clip up my hair. The only clip I could find was one of the small butterfly clips that I use to pin up sections of my hair when I am pre-pooing or M&Sing, so I decided to use it. My hair overwhelmed that poor thing! Even trying to pin up the “thinnest” point of my hair, which are the ends, the clip just popped out of my hair onto the floor … giving up in despair!

I picked it up and looked at it, with a wave of memories flooding over me! I remember I bought these clips on my first product haul of my hair journey in January 2012. I could actually pin up my whole head of hair using these things early in my journey. I would use these clips to protective style my hair. Now, it’s quite possible that these clips could get lost in my mane!

About 5 months into my journey, I had to opt for bigger clips to use for protective styles. However, these clips hold a special place in my heart, as they were with me in the beginning.

Sometimes it’s the small things (literally!) that let me know just how far I’ve come on this journey!


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