Where will I stop growing?

A few things prompted this post. First off, I was talking to my mom yesterday and she mentioned my Aunt Melanie (my dad’s sister) was at church Sunday and how beautiful her hair is. In case you don’t know, she is my hair idol!

Here is a picture of her from last May.  Yes, yes, its beautiful! I asked my other aunt (who is Melanie’s older sister) what her regimen is and she said that Melanie goes to the salon every other week and gets it flat ironed. I couldn’t imagine the dryer time on a roller set!


Secondly, I found this picture with my hair down after a roller set (excuse the ends looking so janky not being combed out into a perfect “U shape and my half bra being down to my waist!) I came home and measured to see how long it would take me to grow from WL to W’HIP (which is the area between your waist and hips), which is about 4 inches. I asked Nathan would he like it if I grew it down to W’HIP and he said: “No. That’s too long. Why would you want to take care of that much hair?” That got me thinking about just how long I want to grow my hair. I think my goal is about an inch below waist length. Anything more would be just to see if I could do it! 😉 Once I get to my goal, I plan on letting my other hairs catch up! I think full waist length is my goal, which is about 2 years away (my shortest layers are about APL).

Well, happy growing! My next length check will be after my relaxer in 2 weeks!

green line – MBL

pink line – WL

blue line – W’HIP


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