Crater Lake

This past weekend, Nathan and I ventured down to Southern Oregon to see Crater Lake, then headed down to Redding, CA to check out In ‘N Out Burger.

Crater Lake was absolutely beautiful. I have never seen water so blue in my life … and I lived in Hawaii! The pictures speak for themselves … we hiked up a small hill and just sat there and stared at God’s marvelous creation! It was definitely one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen.

As for the trip to CA … meh. I have heard the rage about In ‘N Out burgers for years. The last time I was in California, they were closed, so I missed my opportunity there. Well, I finally got to try them and while the burger was pretty good, their fries were the most disgusting things I had ever tasted! LOL! The experience definitely wasn’t worth a trip to Californina, but hey … at least I can chime in on the In ‘N Out conversations. I came, I saw, I conquered!

As for hair, I have just been letting it air dry and moisturizing and sealing. There will be no rollersetting until August 24th or 25th, my relaxer prep day.  I cannot believe it is 2 weeks from my relaxer. This summer has really flown by!!

20130815-090404.jpgCL7 CL6 CL3 20130815-090417.jpg20130815-090417.jpg


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