This Week in Hair (and Highlights!!)

Greetings!! Yes, you read the title right. Highlights! Natural ones! Back in December, I posted about how my hair had some mysterious reddish-brown streaks in the front of my hair. I thought maybe they came from the honey pre-poos.

As of late, I have noticed these brown streaks all over my head! I ain’t complaining, though! I have been wanting highlights for some time (without having to use bleach, of course!) I thought that it was from the Redken Shades EQ I had done in March, but that was semi-permanent and I am sure that it has all but washed away by now. I was wondering if it could be from the coconut oil pre-poos, but I only found anecdotal evidence on the web about coconut oil lightening the hair, so I can’t say for sure. I also thought that maybe because its summer and the sun can lighten hair. Hmm …

Well, other than that, there’s not been too much to report on. My hair has responded really well to the Living Proof products that I used this past Saturday’s Wash Day. This week, I have had the least amount of breakage from an M&S session, which is surprising because the back of my hair’s ends feel so bumpy and dry! I think I lost 2-3 ends yesterday and none on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday.

I plan on washing my hair tomorrow morning. I am going to use some conditioner in my pre-poo this week because my ends feel so brittle. How they have not snapped off, the Lord only knows. I will also slather a lot more conditioner on the ends during my deep conditioning session.

Also, I am going to protective style at least 90% up until my relaxer in a little over 3 weeks. I want to retain as much length as I can, especially since I had to do a 1/2 inch + dusting last week! And besides, with me working out everyday at work, it’s easier for me to have it already pulled up so I can reduce manipulation as much as possible.

Well, ta-ta for now! We are off to Southern Oregon and California tomorrow.

Here is a bun from earlier in the week.

photo 1 photo 2

Here are the brown streaks in my hair!

photo 3 photo 4

Uodate: Here’s one that really shows my streaks.


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