Why I Like an Consistent Regimen (and 2 new products!!!)

As I posted a few days ago, I thwarted a potential setback by eliminating silicone-heavy products out of my regimen. In addition to returning the Alterna Bamboo Dry Kendi Oil Mist, I decided to get rid of the GVP Smoothing Serum and the Alterna Bamboo Plumping Strand Expand. The latter product had dimethicone way down the list, but I wanted it gone as well, just for good measure!

For the past 18 months, I have had relative success with my regimen by keeping it consistent and using products that I have determined worked well for my hair. At the beginning of my HHJ, I was jumping on all sorts of bandwagons because of how people raved about them, but after 4 or so months, I hit my stride and had an all-star line up and regimen that allowed my hair to thrive.

Since I was having relative success on my HHJ, I thought it would be OK to allow some new products to come into my life, hence my shopping spree of new products containing less than ideal ingredients. If I was not in tune with my hair and monitoring breakage on a daily basis, these new products would have caused me a setback over the course of the upcoming months.

The old adage is true cor me: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” However, there are caveats to that. Sometimes, there is this thrill in trying a new product! I get excited to see if it delivers on its promise and if I can see my hair positively impacted. Also, how do you know it won’t work if you never try it (which is why going to Sephora for samples is a must!!)? Also, sometimes our favorite products become discontinued. One of my staple products for the past 4 years is the Alterna Caviar Texture cream, which I found out is no longer in their lineup. This forced me to look to the Alterna Bamboo line for a creamy leave-in, which is more focused on smooth and shiny hair (hence why the line has products loaded with silicones) rather than retaining moisture and boosting hair’s health.

A month or so ago, I took the True Color’s personality test. I was determined to be a gold, which has the following personality traits:


  • Respects Authority Rules, Routines, Policies., Faithful, Dependable, Prepared, Efficient.
  • Remembers The Traditions That Work. Values Family.
  • Work Comes Before Play. Practical. Systematic. Orderly.
  • Identifies With Groups. Strives For A Sense Of Security.
  • Thorough, Sensible, Proper.
  • A Right Way To Do Everything. Stick-To-Itivness.
  • Evaluates Actions As Right Or Wrong.
  • Stable. Organized. Punctual. Helpful

Source: http://winning-solutions.com/Trainings/True_Colors/gold.html

My personality craves routine, sticking to things that work, etc! This is exactly why I like to have a set regimen and stick to products I know work for me!

Due to necessity, I have added two new products to my regimen. The first is a replacement to the Alterna Caviar Texture cream. I am going to try the Living Proof frizz nourishing styling cream. The second product I needed was a silicone free serum. I discovered that Living Proof has this silicone-free serum called Satin Hair Serum, available exclusively through Living Proof’s website or at Sephora, where I bought mine today. They also gave me some samples of the Satin Hair Serum and the Living Proof Prime Style Extender, which I plan to try this Wash Day. Stay tuned!! 🙂

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