The Awesomeness of Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning was something I that I saw as an ancillary action to hair care. I would get them every two weeks at my old salon in the RDU (for an extra charge of $5, of course). I alternated that with protein treatments to keep my hair “balanced,” yet I had no idea what in the world that meant for hair, since I suffered breakage from protein overload numerous times. When I moved to Hawaii and went to the salon every month for a blow out, a deep conditioner was included; however, I never did them when I cared for my hair at home. I would condition in the shower while I bathed and shaved my legs and then rinsed. The same happened in Oregon before I started my HHJ. I would condition in the shower and rinse … THE END.

Since embarking on my HHJ, I have found that weekly deep conditioning with heat with what my hair needs (which 85%  of the time is moisture) has made all the difference in the health of my hair. My hair has elasticity, is less prone to breakage and overall feels better! I view deep conditioning with heat as a preventative service to my hair, rather than it being tertiary care for hair that is already damaged. I NEVER skip a week of deep conditioning … it’s just as much a part of my regimen as washing and moisturizing and sealing.

Here are some of my favorite deep conditioners:

For protein, I love KeraPro Restorative Treatment for Dry to Very Dry hair. This product gives me protein, with some moisture elements. I do not have to follow this protein treatment up with a moisturizing conditioner because of fear of leaving my hair too hard and brittle.

For moisture, I love my Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenshing Moisture conditoner and Silk Elements MegaSilk Moisture Treatment. For the longest time, I used my Caviar conditioner as my in-shower treatment, but I thought about all the positive things it does to my hair in 5 minutes could be amplified by using heat for 40-45 minutes! I rotate between these two deep conditioners because I love them both so much!

As for how I deep condition my hair, I apply the product that I am using, comb it through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution, cover with a wet turban and plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 40-45 minutes (covering with a turban and plastic cap mimics a steam treatment). I have thought about investing in a hair steamer, but I hear that they are not easy to store. Besides, what I am doing now is good enough for me!

Oh, did I also mention that deep conditioning allows me to catch up on blogs and create my own posts? Hahahaha! For each and every reason here, deep conditioning my hair weekly is here to stay!


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