A breath of fresh air on roller setting ….

Greetings guys! Hope your week is going well! Friday is just around the corner! Hooray!

I just finished watching “Healthy Textures’ Guide to Rollersetting” (available through Amazon Instant Video for $19.99). I remember reading about this lady, named Gennifer, in the prologue to “The Science of Black Hair.” I also remember hearing that she had an awesome roller setting video, but I just didn’t buy it … until tonight. I was reading some rave reviews about it on Long Hair Care Forum (where I am always in lurk mode), so I decided to make the investment and boy, am I glad I did! The video was made about 6-7 years ago, but proper roller setting techniques are timeless!

I picked up a lot of tips such as how to roll (roll, roll, pull!), the importance of roller clip placement, how to roll the back of my head (which is the most difficult), the appropriate leave-ins to use, how I should saturate every section of hair with water before its placed on the roller, etc. I was definitely curious about making sleek styles, as I always wear drop curls. She actually blows her roots out using a round brush (which I will get this weekend!), then wraps her hair using saran wrap (sigh … I will give it a try again, as this has not been beneficial for me in the past!) Her results were ah-freaking-mazing! It definitely makes me more hype to do a rollerset Saturday morning!

Stay tuned!

Update on July 26th – So to prepare for my first rollerset utilizing Gennifer’s method, I bought a round boar bristle brush and a hair net. At Ulta, I asked the sales associate which round brush would be gentle on my hair (some looked so spiky and harsh!) and she suggested the boar bristle one. Also, I ordered some Alterna Bamboo Dry Kendi Oil for my finishing polish and bought some Alterna Bamboo Volume Plumping Strand Expand cream from Ulta!

photo (4)

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