Summer Hair Talk and a Consultation

Greetings guys! Hope everyone’s Saturday is off to a great start! Mine is … Nathan and I went to do Insanity this morning at our gym (we were banned from doing it at home, as we live in apartment and our neighbors below us complained … Reason #242 I will be ready to buy a townhome/house in the next few years … ). I am not doing Insanity in its entirety, meaning I do it about 3 days a week compared to the fitness plan’s 6, but that’s OK! Next week Tracie (my workout buddy) and I plan to start lifting weights … and I don’t mean 5-10 lbs. I think weightlifting will give me that chiseled look I am going for! On Thursdays, I take a boot camp class they offer at work. I am using Insanity more as a cardio tool than a complete fitness regimen. However, I must say, completing an Insanity video is a wonderful high. It really is like nothing I have ever done before! The first time I finished a video, sweat was just pouring out. I said I looked like a slave in the fields of Georgia in August!!! I’ve NEVER been so sweaty in my life.

With that being said, my hair is just hanging out. I bun it every day. The end. I must give credit where credit is due, though! This post was inspired by EbonyCPrincess over at Longing 4 Length. She is on a fitness journey as well this summer and talked about her lack of hair related posts. It’s entitled “Fitness First, Hair Second.” It pretty much sums up my feelings at the moment.

I am washing it twice a week (more, if need be), with Saturdays being dedicated to the  full regimen of pre-pooing and deep conditioning. I am pretty much sitting under the dryer with my scarf tied around my edges at the end and letting my hair get that faux air dried look. I must admit, it worried me at first to be doing an air-dried regimen, as my hair behaves much better with roller sets and I don’t have as much breakage at the ends. I may wear it out on Saturday and Sunday, but come Monday, it’s bun time! I do like my full bun, though. I will post a pic when I do it Monday. I come home, I spray my hair with a mix of water and peppermint oil, seal that in with kukui nut oil and then apply my Amla Legends 1001 Oils Wrap Cream. It has really cut down on my breakage … I may get 3-4 small pieces, some days none at all. I am not worried about it, as I remove shed hair while twisting and sometimes pulling the hair down the hemline may break it a little. It is definitely nothing like the winter when I would have several broken pieces of hair in a section!!

So ………. with that being said, just like EbonyCPrincess, I do not have much to say about my hair. I will definitely post pics and update you on all product reviews.

This morning I am going to a consultation with a black stylist here in Wilsonville (gasps!) I saw a Groupon offer for a relaxer in the area and I decided to call the salon and see if they had a black stylist there. I did not buy the Groupon, as it would expire before using it, but I will see what she is talking about and discuss my hair goals and if she will be a good fit to have as a stylist when I need one. I plan on taking my Hercules Sageman combs and a few products that I use. Here are some things that I plan on asking her:

1. What products do you use? – Design Essentials

2. (Follow-Up) If I don’t like those products, can I bring my own? – Depends. She has a system she likes to use since she is familiar with it, but I can bring my own leave-ins.

3. What does a “trim” look like for you? – Didn’t ask

4. What types of deep conditioning and other ancillary treatments do you offer? – Hot oil treatments, deep conditioners (she said she does protein conditioners, which I don’t need … I may need her to do a moisture one!), hair masques

5. What type of relaxer do you use and what are the processes you employ for a relaxer? – Design Essentials, but she is willing to use Mizani Butter Blends. She has used it in the past.

6. Is there a surcharge for more than 1.5 inches of new growth (I often exceed that at relaxer time)? – No.

7. Is there a surcharge for “long hair?” If so, what is “long hair” defined as? – Yes. Prices are a bit higher for long hair, which is why she wanted to see me before to give me an accurate price. My hair is defined as “long.” YAY! Go me!

I will update and let you know how the consultation goes. For now, I need to rinse this deep conditioner out and get ready to go!

Talk soon!



Alright! I am back! The consultation went well! I was there about an hour talking about hair care. Andrea took the time to show some photos of her clients’ hair, ranging from short and relaxed to long and natural. She also does weaves that look pretty good (even though I am not interested in that!)

The responses to the questions above are in bold. I may get a roller set in August for an event we are having at work. Her flat ironing is $40!?!? Yeah right! I will be going to Sarah at Ulta for that.

Even though I do not get my hair done at a salon regularly any more it’s good to have that option available. I do not think I will be returning to NC for my last relaxer in November, so I will need someone to do it (or self-relax – GASP!)

I also wanted to provide a few pictures of my hair, which I have not done much of lately!


From left to right to below: First two – My ends after I M&S using the L-O-C Method by twisting hair, my air-dried hair pinned up and two released pincurls after last weeks rollerset

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4


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