Length Check and Happy 18 Month HHJ!

I have not done one of these (officially) since April! Since my hair is not to be straightened until my relaxer in about 6 weeks, I thought that I would just stretch the longest layer and see where I am at!

LOOK! I’M SCRAGGLY MBL!! (After I released my hair from being stretched, one of the ends promptly broke! – HAHAHAH!)

As you can see, I am half-way between BSL and MBL back in April and now my longest lengths (if they were flat ironed) would be right at MBL. Progress is continuing to be made! Halleujah!
photo 2 (8)photo 2

I also wanted to throw in an air dried hair comparison shot from January to July (honestly, I can’t tell too much difference in these shots, but sometimes its good to see the thickness is still there!)
photo 3 (2)photo 2
And because my 18 month anniversary of my HHJ has come and gone (it was July 9th), I wanted to take a look where I was in January 2012, July 2012 and now …ย . I went from shoulder length to chasing MBL in 18 months, which is about 9 inches (3 to 12 on my length check shirt). That means I grew and retained exactly .5 inches every month. Of course that doesn’t count the dustings and hair that has broken off … I always knew my growth rate was slightly higher than the .5 average.

20120115-162416.jpg july4photo 2

And for good measure, I am throwing this picture in from February 2012 – I remember I was so proud of my hair being this length! LOL! Hey … we all have to start some where, ya know?


Well I must say, I am very pleased! This journey has really been something else! There have definitely been moments of frustration (mainly at my breaking ends) and moments of sheer joy! I have been blessed to have a relatively easy journey with no major setbacks (knock on whatever is handy!) I have learned so much and have enjoyed sharing my experiences and acquired knowledge with others! One of my dear co-workers stated she has learned so much about her hair listening to me talk about mine … and she’s white! It just goes to show that healthy hair practices transcends hair types and color lines! ๐Ÿ™‚

Here’s to the next six months!

I don’t think I will be waist length until next spring. I have about 3.5 inches to go in my longest layers, which is at least 7 months of growth. Maybe I will be there for my February 2014 relaxer … we shall see!

Well, happy growing to everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


6 thoughts on “Length Check and Happy 18 Month HHJ!

  1. Your hair looks amazing! Such wonderful growth in 18 months. You have definitely reminded me that our hair can grow. I am focusing on length now that I am happy with the health of my hair. Hopefully I will retain several inches between now and December.

    • Thanks Carolyn!! I’m so glad that you have gotten your hair to a healthy state and are ready to do some major growing! I hope you got those batteries for your camera because I want to see some pics! Hahaha!

      And sometimes I’m in awe of my HHJ. It really seems like yesterday I was starting off with my SL hair, ready to just get to APL! I would envy the ladies with like BSL+ hair because I didn’t know if I could make it … Well, I could and I did!! You will too!!! Next stop … MBL!

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