Couponing (and begging) Rules!!!

I love coupons. I love to clip them, plan my shopping trip around them and most importantly, I love to see how much I save with them! Unfortunately, the foods I need to consume the most (fruits, vegetables and meats) do not have many coupons, so I have to save where I can!!

I came across a coupon in last week’s Sunday paper for a buy one Pantene shampoo, get a styling product or conditioner for free (equal or lesser value, of course). I happened to have it with me today when I was at the grocery store so I decided to check out the products. Lo and behold, someone had taped a $2 off a Pantene shampoo coupon to one of the shampoos (I consider it good karma … I always do this for coupons I do not plan on using!) I promptly grabbed it and picked out which products I wanted. I planned to stack them, costing me only $2 for shampoo AND conditioner!! I chose the moisture rich shampoo and anti-breakage conditioner, as those pretty much sums up what I need in my regimen!! I am also washing and conditioning my hair more often since I am working out hard, so I don’t want to have to use my Alterna for every wash … That will soon become very expensive!!! Pantene products are pretty good and I feel comfortable using them!!


Additionally, I also like to beg from time to time. This weekend while we in the mall in Spokane, I walked into Sephora to see what type of Alterna products they had. Oh the glory!!!!! There is this new product called Alterna Caviar CC cream (“CC” stands for “Complete Correction”) and it is a “miracle leave-in product that perfects hair in 10 different and unbelievable ways. It provides moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, anti-breakage, heat protection, light hold, UV protection, manageability, and strength—everything your hair needs to look absolutely beautiful, healthy, and flawless. This 10-in-one formula can be used alone or as a foundation for the layering of other styling products.”

Oh you know my face lit up!! It is something about new Alterna products that gets my quite giddy. I know they are discontinuing some Caviar products (my beloved Texture cream being one of them), so seeing new products with the potential to be in my regimen excites me! Before plunking down $25, I kindly asked the lady if they had samples, as I would love to try it before I purchased it. She happily pumped a generous amount into a plastic bag for me!!! I then proceeded to ask about the Bamboo Dry Kendi oil (which will probably replace my Caviar serum). I then asked her if I could sample that product as well. She was so kind … She gave me two vials of the oil!! Being ever the greedy girl, I would have asked for other samples, but then I would have been pressing my luck!! I happily thanked the lady and walked out with my goodies!! I also loved one of the small containers she gave me! I plan on using that as a travel container!!

I can’t wait to try these Alterna products!! Look for a review soon!!



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