Some old hair pics and I critique them! – Memory Lane

My girlfriend was texting me about wanting to roller set her hair to see if it would help with her self-perceived thiness, which I highly suggested she do. She is rocking a nice a line bob, but wants to thicken the top up. I felt compelled to show some of my old school hair photos, in which I rocked various length bobs with my roller sets!

This is me in Spring 2005. I have highlights and it appears to be a wrap styled. Hair appears to be relatively healthy, even though I am sure that it is thinner than it’s potential.


Spring 2006 – Hair is the longest it has been in my adult life. I still have color in it and it is about APL length. It is kind of stringy, but the length (to me) is respectable!


Summer 2008 – Hair is colored (it is the last time my hair is non-black) and thin. It lays well, but it is dry and I don’t know what to do with it … which leads to a … 


BIG CHOP! In June 2008, I wanted to cut some of the color out and Davian pretty much left me at ear length (the shortest it had ever been). I remember going to the car and crying and calling my friend Shereene because it was so short! I was so self-conscious about it for about a month, then it grew out and I rocked curly roller sets.



Summer 2009 – Right before I moved to Hawaii, my hair had pretty much grown back down to shoulder length. It was thick (all the color had grown out and had been trimmed away) and even though I had no idea what I was doing, it had some semblance of health. 


The next summer, I got it cut to jawlength again, which I rocked for about a year. By Spring 2011, I knew I wanted to grow my hair out for real this time, so I quit getting my hair cut, but still got trims every six weeks (DUMB!!) By Winter 2012, I knew what I needed to do and so I have been on this journey ever since!



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