Wash Day and It Takes Me FOREVER to Roll, Roll, Pull!

Greetings this lovely Saturday! Today I decided to roll my hair, as I was excited to try out what I learned on the Healthy Textures Rollersetting tutorial.

Here’s how it went:

Pre-Poo: Coconut Oil and Hemp Seed Oil for 1 hr (30 with heat)

Shampoo: Alterna Life Solutions Clarifying, Alterna Caviar Moisture

In-Shower Conditioning: Redken All Soft

Deep Conditioning: KeraPro Restorative Treatment (I haven’t used it in a while and I think I could use a shot of protein) for 45 minutes with heat

Final Rinse: Roux Porosity Control for 2 minutes

Leave-Ins: Alterna Caviar Photo Defense, Alterna Bamboo Volume¬†Plumping Strand Expand, GVP Smoothing Serum (NOTE: In the HT Rollersetting video, Gennifer said that using too many products can make it take longer for your hair to dry, especially moisturizers which work to keep moisture within the hair, so I decided to only use 2 leave-ins and a serum. Also, since I wanted my hair to be softer, I did not setting my hair with diluted Lotta Body … I just used plain ole water!)

photo (5)

Now for the rolling part … OMG! It took me almost an hour and 20 minutes to roll my hair today (compared to my normal 45 minutes)! The mohawk part started off OK. I just mumbled “roll, roll, pull!” for every section of hair I rolled, but it did not take me any longer than normal! I was able to clip the roller near the back of the roller, as Gennifer instructed. Then I got to the sides. ūüė¶ ¬†In the video, Gennifer starts from the back and works her way forward. I thought that since I got the side part of rolling my hair down pat, I would just start at the front and go backwards. It was all good on my left side until I got to the back … there was no space for rollers and pieces of hair were “orphaned” without a roller to call their own! I had to take all of the rollers out and start all over again! As for the right side, my hair did not want to be clipped correctly, so I had to start over there as well! Today’s roller set was like a hard puzzle and I am not going to lie, there were times when I wanted to stop … but I kept on! Finally, I got to the last two rollers and they had mercy on me because they easily fell into place. Lord knows how much hair I lost having to continually comb my hair to put on the roller … thankfully I have enough to spare!

Despite the longer rollerset, I can totally tell my hair is tighter on the roller because: 1) I have a headache and 2) my roots appear much more straight on the roller.

Here are some pics with the rollers securely in my head and hair that came out while rollersetting:photo 1 photo 1 (18) photo 2 (16)

So it takes me about 90 minutes to dry (*insert crying face*). When I finally get to take the rollers out, I notice my hair is sooooooooo much softer and easier to manipulate than when I used setting lotion. I then proceed to use the round brush to blow out my roots. It’s definitely weird doing this after a roller set! After blowing out my hair, I began to wrap my hair. I used a small amount of creamy moisturizer like Gennifer (I used Amla Legends 1001 Oils Night Wrap) and began to wrap. My saran wrap roll is acting up, so I decided to go without. I wrapped my hair (careful not to use any pins or clips to hold it up, as I did not want any grooves in my hair) using my Hercules Sagemann¬†widetooth comb and boar bristle brush. I applied a bit of Alterna Dry Kendi Oil Mist on the completed wrap and tied my hair up using my net and plunked back up under the dryer for 10 minutes (I used the cool setting to “set” the style and lock in moisture). I unwrapped my hair … ¬†and here are the results:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3

The long work was totally worth it … these pictures do not do the style any justice! I am just sooooooooooo pleased! I could not stay out the mirror (I asked God to forgive me for my vanity … but He has seen my other rollersets so I am sure he gave me a pass!) I cannot say enough about Gennifer’s video for helping me to do my best rollerset ever! I really do not feel the need to go and get my hair flat ironed by anyone … as Gennifer’s video helped unlock the technique I have wanted to figure out for 18 months! My hair has the sleek look, yet has so much body!

Here are a few lessons that I learned during this roller set:

– Less product is more! My hair felt so much softer without the Lotta Body … I think I will rotate it out of my regimen for a while.

– Manipulating hair once in a while is a great thing! I used to fear doing anything to my hair after I took the rollers out for fear of ripping my hair out! I was a little anxious about using the round brush to blow my roots out and wrapping my hair, but it was painless …

– Patience pays off! I wanted to give up … but in the end, the results paid off! Like Jimmy V said: “Don’t ever give up!”

I anticipate I will roller set once or twice before my relaxer in 5 weeks!


The Awesomeness of Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning was something I that I saw as an ancillary action to hair care. I would get them every two weeks at my old salon in the RDU (for an extra charge of $5, of course). I alternated that with protein treatments to keep my hair “balanced,” yet I had no idea what in the world that meant for hair, since I suffered breakage from protein overload numerous times. When I moved to Hawaii and went to the salon every month for a blow out, a deep conditioner was included; however, I never did them when I cared for my hair at home. I would condition in the shower while I bathed and shaved my legs and then rinsed. The same happened in Oregon before I started my HHJ. I would condition in the shower and rinse … THE END.

Since embarking on my HHJ, I have found that weekly deep conditioning with heat with what my hair needs (which 85% ¬†of the time is moisture) has made all the difference in the health of my hair. My hair has elasticity, is less prone to breakage and overall feels better! I view deep conditioning with heat as a preventative service to my hair, rather than it being tertiary care for hair that is already damaged. I¬†NEVER¬†skip a week of deep conditioning … it’s just as much a part of my regimen as washing and moisturizing and sealing.

Here are some of my favorite deep conditioners:

For protein, I love KeraPro Restorative Treatment for Dry to Very Dry hair. This product gives me protein, with some moisture elements. I do not have to follow this protein treatment up with a moisturizing conditioner because of fear of leaving my hair too hard and brittle.

For moisture, I love my Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Replenshing Moisture conditoner and Silk Elements MegaSilk Moisture Treatment. For the longest time, I used my Caviar conditioner as my in-shower treatment, but I thought about all the positive things it does to my hair in 5 minutes could be amplified by using heat for 40-45 minutes! I rotate between these two deep conditioners because I love them both so much!

As for how I deep condition my hair, I apply the product that I am using, comb it through with a wide-tooth comb for even distribution, cover with a wet turban and plastic cap and sit under the dryer for 40-45 minutes (covering with a turban and plastic cap mimics a steam treatment). I have thought about investing in a hair steamer, but I hear that they are not easy to store. Besides, what I am doing now is good enough for me!

Oh, did I also mention that deep conditioning allows me to catch up on blogs and create my own posts? Hahahaha! For each and every reason here, deep conditioning my hair weekly is here to stay!

A breath of fresh air on roller setting ….

Greetings guys! Hope your week is going well! Friday is just around the corner! Hooray! I just finished watching “Healthy Textures’ Guide to Rollersetting” (available through¬†Amazon Instant Video¬†for $19.99). I remember reading about this lady, named Gennifer, in the prologue … Continue reading

Length Check and Happy 18 Month HHJ!

I have not done one of these (officially) since April! Since my hair is not to be straightened until my relaxer in about 6 weeks, I thought that I would just stretch the longest layer and see where I am at!

LOOK! I’M SCRAGGLY MBL!! (After I released my hair from being stretched, one of the ends promptly broke! – HAHAHAH!)

As you can see, I am half-way between BSL and MBL back in April and now my longest lengths (if they were flat ironed) would be right at MBL. Progress is continuing to be made! Halleujah!
photo 2 (8)photo 2

I also wanted to throw in an air dried hair comparison shot from January to July (honestly, I can’t tell too much difference in these shots, but sometimes its good to see the thickness is still there!)
photo 3 (2)photo 2
And because my 18 month anniversary of my HHJ has come and gone (it was July 9th), I wanted to take a look where I was in January 2012, July 2012 and now …¬†. I went from shoulder length to chasing MBL in 18 months, which is about 9 inches (3 to 12 on my length check shirt). That means I grew and retained exactly .5 inches every month. Of course that doesn’t count the dustings and hair that has broken off … I always knew my growth rate was slightly higher than the .5 average.

20120115-162416.jpg july4photo 2

And for good measure, I am throwing this picture in from February 2012 – I remember I was so proud of my hair being this length! LOL! Hey … we all have to start some where, ya know?


Well I must say, I am very pleased! This journey has really been something else! There have definitely been moments of frustration (mainly at my breaking ends) and moments of sheer joy! I have been blessed to have a relatively easy journey with no major setbacks (knock on whatever is handy!) I have learned so much and have enjoyed sharing my experiences and acquired knowledge with others! One of my dear co-workers stated she has learned so much about her hair listening to me talk about mine … and she’s white! It just goes to show that healthy hair practices transcends hair types and color lines! ūüôā

Here’s to the next six months!

I don’t think I will be waist length until next spring. I have about 3.5 inches to go in my longest layers, which is at least 7 months of growth. Maybe I will be there for my February 2014 relaxer … we shall see!

Well, happy growing to everyone! ūüôā

Summer Vacation and My Hair

Greetings! Last weekend, Nathan, Landon and I went up to Spokane, WA for a summer roadtrip. Nathan got into law school at Gonzaga, which is in Spokane, so he had to go and visit (I asked him shouldn’t he have visited 2 years ago before committing to his current school, but I digress … ). We also decided to go into Coeur d’Alene, ID (pronounced: Core Da Lane) and to drive into Montana, since it was a little over an hour from where we were staying in Spokane. It really turned out to be fun!

I rollersat my hair Thursday night and immediately pincurled it. I planned on wearing it tied up until we went out that Friday night. There is no way in the world I would have worn my hair down in the car. I tied the strip scarf around my head and kept it moving. By the time Friday night rolls around, I have tight, voluminous curls! I do not do much manipulating – I separated them and applied a little oil. I wasn’t trying to show off length this trip! ūüėČ ¬†On Saturday morning, we got up and went to Coeur d’Alene and Montana. I wore my hair in pincurls, but had a cute pincurl as the bang! I thought I looked very 50s! We went out again Saturday night (which was the WORST night ever because my mom called and told me the Trayvon Martin verdict when we were at dinner … I immediately lost my appetite and did not eat again until the next morning) and I wore my oiled pin curls. By Saturday night, I was over pincurling my hair and decided to pin it up. I was going to be washing it after Monday’s bout with Insanity anyway. I work my hair pinned up with a headband on Sunday, the day we left and for the ride home.

Here’s some pictures from the trip! I tell you … this right chea, is ‘Merica!

photo 1 photo 2

photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5 photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

Summer Goals Check-In!

It has been over a month since I made my goals for summer. I thought that I would check-in and assess how I am doing with these goals …

1. Get to MBL! This is the ultimate goal. I do not mean just a few scraggly hairs, either, I mean a good portion of my lower layers (meh, I will take 20%). –¬†This is to be determined … I will find out at my next relaxer in about 6 weeks.

2. Continue to grow out my front. It is a few inches past my chin, right at my shoulder (HOORAY ‚Ķ I am full-SL hahahahha!) –¬†Still working on this!

3. Use the L-O-C method to improve moisture retention. –¬†This is working for me. On my air-dried hair, I use water as the liquid, kukui nut oil as the oil and Amla Legends as the cream. There is a lot less breakage than my prior air dried hair endeavors.

4. Use only one heat pass for length check in mid-July (if I so desire) –¬†I don’t plan on using a heat pass until I get my relaxer in 6 weeks.

5. Pre-poo with ceramides weekly –¬†This is going well. I am pre-pooing with either safflower oil or hemp seed oil each week.

6. DRINK at least 60 ounces of water a day (sigh ‚Ķ I will accept 4/7 days on this one!) –¬†This is going well!!!!!!! I am drinking a lot of water, especially since I am working out a lot.

7. Dust only once this relaxer period (search and destroy sessions for overgrown hairs are OK) –¬†This is going well. I have not dusted since June.

8. Protective style 80% of the time –¬†I am protective styling about 95% of the time. Summertime is buntime!

9. Maintain my hair‚Äôs gorgeous thickness!¬†;)¬†–¬†Working on this … doing what I can by reducing manipulation and protecting my ends!

10. Apply clear semi-permanent color late June/early July to help with ends –¬†I did this at the end of June!

Seems like I am on track to meet my goals! Hope everyone is having a lovely summer!

Couponing (and begging) Rules!!!

I love coupons. I love to clip them, plan my shopping trip around them and most importantly, I love to see how much I save with them! Unfortunately, the foods I need to consume the most (fruits, vegetables and meats) do not have many coupons, so I have to save where I can!!

I came across a coupon in last week’s Sunday paper for a buy one Pantene shampoo, get a styling product or conditioner for free (equal or lesser value, of course). I happened to have it with me today when I was at the grocery store so I decided to check out the products. Lo and behold, someone had taped a $2 off a Pantene shampoo coupon to one of the shampoos (I consider it good karma … I always do this for coupons I do not plan on using!) I promptly grabbed it and picked out which products I wanted. I planned to stack them, costing me only $2 for shampoo AND conditioner!! I chose the moisture rich shampoo and anti-breakage conditioner, as those pretty much sums up what I need in my regimen!! I am also washing and conditioning my hair more often since I am working out hard, so I don’t want to have to use my Alterna for every wash … That will soon become very expensive!!! Pantene products are pretty good and I feel comfortable using them!!


Additionally, I also like to beg from time to time. This weekend while we in the mall in Spokane, I walked into Sephora to see what type of Alterna products they had. Oh the glory!!!!! There is this new product called Alterna Caviar CC cream (“CC” stands for “Complete Correction”) and it is a “miracle leave-in product that perfects hair in 10 different and unbelievable ways. It provides moisture, shine, smoothness, softness, anti-breakage, heat protection, light hold, UV protection, manageability, and strength‚ÄĒeverything your hair needs to look absolutely beautiful, healthy, and flawless. This 10-in-one formula can be used alone or as a foundation for the layering of other styling products.”

Oh you know my face lit up!! It is something about new Alterna products that gets my quite giddy. I know they are discontinuing some Caviar products (my beloved Texture cream being one of them), so seeing new products with the potential to be in my regimen excites me! Before plunking down $25, I kindly asked the lady if they had samples, as I would love to try it before I purchased it. She happily pumped a generous amount into a plastic bag for me!!! I then proceeded to ask about the Bamboo Dry Kendi oil (which will probably replace my Caviar serum). I then asked her if I could sample that product as well. She was so kind … She gave me two vials of the oil!! Being ever the greedy girl, I would have asked for other samples, but then I would have been pressing my luck!! I happily thanked the lady and walked out with my goodies!! I also loved one of the small containers she gave me! I plan on using that as a travel container!!

I can’t wait to try these Alterna products!! Look for a review soon!!


In Memoriam …

I was cleaning out my closet today and found my old strip scarf, looking tattered and beat down!! The scarf was about one tie down away from ripping in two. I decided it was time to say “good-bye” to my scarf, which was kinda hard to do!

I have had this scarf since 2004. I think my friend Kim gave it to me. I used it to tie my edges down and I would wear my hair clipped up in the back. This hair scarf has been with me through colors, cuts, relaxers, moves, jobs, etc. The scarf will definitely be missed!!