Meet Brianna and a Doll Length Check!

Brianna is my American Girl doll that I got for Christmas in 1995. I was in the sixth grade and for years I dreamed of having one of those Pleasant Company dolls (my favorite was Molly)! In the mid-1990s, they started doing the dolls that looked like you, so that’s what I got! I was so thrilled when I opened her, complete with shiny black hair, brown eyes, a trendy outfit that consisted of a blue jean vest and matching denim hat (like Blossom!) with fuschia leggings and t-shirt. She had on black slides and a black cross-body purse … she was definitely serving mid-1995 “Sister Sister Full House Blossom” realness! It is the only outfit that she has ever had. I have thought about getting her restored and modernized, but it’s really not all that important.

She has been with me most of my life. She has lived a good number of years beside a Pooh bear that I got as an infant and a Hello Kitty stuffed animal from Hawaii. Wherever I moved, she moved, all without ever uttering a word! For the past two years, she has been in a storage container with clothes piled on top of her (*tear). I pulled her out a few weeks ago when I was rotating my spring/summer clothes out and felt horrible, as my friend has been relegated to the closet for such a long time … and boy did it show! Her hair was a horrid, stiff mess (of course its synthetic wig hair, so it would be a mess regardless). For years, I think Brianna has had a gimp leg, as one appears to not want to move. Her clothes are a bit dirty. I thought to myself, you can’t have your girl looking a mess … comb her hair, she looks a homeless mess!

I went to the bathroom and found a brush and some Alterna setting cream (my hair really doesn’t like it, so it wasn’t a big loss to use it on her hair) and brushed it out! There were little hairs everywhere (seems like Brianna could have benefited from a pre-poo and steam treatment), but in the end, it came out ok! It is a little sleeker and feels a lot better!!! She is still at waist length (I cut some of her hair a few years ago), so she is doing alright!

Isn’t she precious!

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 5photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 5

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