New Dryer!

All good things must come to an end … and for my Conair tabletop dryer that I bought almost 18 months ago, it’s that time! This dryer has helped me grow from shoulder length on past BSL, but with length comes new needs, and a more efficient dryer is that need at this time. Back in the fall,  I was considering buying the Pibbs dryer but at over $300? Nope … not at this time. EbonyCPrincess over at Longing4Length raves about the Pebco, which is supposed to be comparable to the Pibbs for cheaper, but I saw the Gold ‘N Hot Elite Ionic dryer at Sally’s about two weeks ago and thought I would give it a try!

It was priced at $99 when I first saw it, but when I returned to Sally’s yesterday, it was priced at $88 and with my 15% off coupon, it was about $73. SCORE! I read some pretty good reviews (sprinkled with some ones saying it conked out on them) on Long Hair Care Forum, but it came with a free 2 year warranty, so I know I am straight for at least 2 years! It was so quick and easy to put together … it literally took me 5 minutes from opening the box to ensuring it worked!

It looks sleek and it appears to have plenty of space for the large rollers that I use! It also has an Ionic setting, which I plan on using. Here are some benefits of ionic technology from

  • Heat infused with negatively charged ions from an ionic blow dryer quickly locks in moisture, making freshly washed hair easier to comb and style. An ionic blow dryer helps reduce heat and hairstyling damage by keeping natural moisture in the hair follicle. Silky hair, free of flyaways, is possible with the use of an ionic hair dryer.
  • Ionic hair dryers make your hair shinier, softer and smoother than traditional blow dryers. By drying the hair follicle from the inside out, ionic hair dryers make hair more manageable and easier to style. Ionic dryers also help preserve natural oils in the hair shaft, helping your hair maintain its strength and flexibility.
  • Negative ions: The desirable effects of ionic dryers are caused by negatively charged ions tightening the cuticle layer on your hair. Drops of moisture are broken into small pieces by the airflow of negatively charged ions in the blow dryer, allowing the hair shaft to easily absorb water drops. Saturated hair follicles lock in moisture and nutrients, producing shiny, hydrated tresses that are resistant to breakage. A professional hair dryer with ionic technology will give you fabulous hairstyling results.
  • Features: Ionic hair dryers are more efficient than traditional hair dryers, cutting down on drying time. By using less heat in a shorter time period, ionic dryers reduce frizz and protect hair against split ends. Shorter drying times mean less hair damage. A cool-air shot feature on many ionic dryers helps lock the style and cool the hair follicles quickly.


photo 3 photo 4

I am excited about seeing how it cuts my drying time and not having to blow dry the back of my roller sets with a diffuser because the Conair just doesn’t reach that area, due to its design. I will miss its compact nature, though! Our laundry room is not large enough to fit the dryer and Nathan doesn’t want it in the office, so I am forced to keep it in my bedroom! I will look around the apartment and try to find a space for it!

The Conair has a new home, though! It will be going with a co-worker so she and her family can use it! Here’s to the Conair’s new adventures! 🙂

The Conair Dryer

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 4 photo 5


I will write all about it in my Wash Day post today! 🙂


2 thoughts on “New Dryer!

    • Hey lady!! How are you?? Do you like it? I used it for the first time yesterday and I love it! I didn’t dry my hair in 20 minutes like I hoped (yeah right!!), but in an hour, I was completely dry and did not have to use the diffuser to dry the back of my hair!

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