MBL-Bound and Goals for Summer

It’s been awhile since I have posted some goals (see these from last summer) and I felt that it was high time to do them, considering that I am heading into a 13 week relaxer stretch!!

Summertime is upon us and for some, it’s when their hair grows the fastest … for some reason mine grows faster in the winter! Last summer did not yield too much new growth for me. I am not sure why that was, but from May to about September, it looked like I gained maybe 1.5 inches, which is pretty slow for me! I will definitely be looking to maximize growth and can only hope to get the same amount of growth that I did the past relaxer stretch, which was about 2 inches in the front and back and 1.5 inches in the middle (yes, I measured).

So without any further mindless chatter, here are my goals for the summer (defined as ending Labor Day weekend, when I get my next relaxer):

1. Get to MBL! This is the ultimate goal. I do not mean just a few scraggly hairs, either, I mean a good portion of my lower layers (meh, I will take 20%).

2. Continue to grow out my front. It is a few inches past my chin, right at my shoulder (HOORAY … I am full-SL hahahahha!)

3. Use the L-O-C method to improve moisture retention.

4. Use only one heat pass for length check in mid-July (if I so desire)

5. Pre-poo with ceramides weekly

6. DRINK at least 60 ounces of water a day (sigh … I will accept 4/7 days on this one!)

7. Dust only once this relaxer period (search and destroy sessions for overgrown hairs are OK)

8. Protective style 80% of the time

9. Maintain my hair’s gorgeous thickness! 😉

10. Apply clear semi-permanent color late June/early July to help with ends


How much further until … 

– MBL – I have about an inch to go!!!

– WL – Ugh! I can tell this is going to as elusive as BSL was! Nathan measured and I have about 4.5-5 inches to go. My length check shirt indicated that MBL was only 2 inches away from WL … well, anatomy trumps markings on a shirt! This will definitely be next year (*screams at hair to grow*)


Well there you have it … my hair goals for summer! I will check in periodically to look at my progress!



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