Here Comes Jackie Kennedy Onassis Obama!!

This past week, I was at Ann Taylor with a colleague from Hawaii and saw the most beautiful, colorful silk scarf!! It was marked down from $70 to $9, so I couldn’t leave it. I tied it around my head and decided I would use it for when I went on the lake Saturday! In the store, I put on my [authentic] Chanel shades and officially coined myself “Jackie Kennedy Onassis Obama!!!” Jaimie let out a big laugh! It reminds me of pics when I would see Jackie O in all her classiness on a yacht with her big shades and scarf!!

Fast forward to Saturday when we went on the lake … I made sure my hair was moisturized and seal, clipped up and then I tied on the scarf!! I sort of looked like a Polish refugee (Hahhaha!) but more all I thought I was serving “regal white woman tea” like my favorite vlogger Funky Dineva says!! People kinda looked at me a bit weird (probably assuming I was a Muslim because I was definitely not in Cape Cod … It was more like the Redneck Riveria), but that was no concern of mine! It was a great way to keep my hair protected from the wind and water!

Here’s my inspiration!



Here is my goddaughter Ny’Lasia and myself!! (with Dior shades – I’m a designer shades junky!)



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